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Have You Got Any ID Sir?

Before I was legally old enough to buy alcohol, I found myself - on a number of occasions – giving my money to strangers and asking them to buy it for me. Now that I’m all grown up and can buy alcohol myself, I do my bit for today’s youngsters, by hanging outside schools and freely handing out vodka to the kids..

Acrylics and markers and stuff
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Crazy, absolutely crazy - you have the mind of a extremely bored 7 year old.

Really, I mean that in a good way.
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Haha, no YOU DO! :P Cheers
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love it...the character and the background really go the contrast of colors as well
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nice havent seen anything from you in still an illegsl drinker, being twenty lol. wanna give me some vodka?
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Yeah i've been hiding a bit recently, why of course
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True story? Glad you have found time and were able to upload two pieces!
Not sure if this is what you did. But started this on off as a constant line?
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Cheers, yeah most of them start as one liners, then I sometimes go back and rework some more stuff into them
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I just turned 21 as well, and I too think it's only appropriate to contribute to minor delinquency. I hand out Rum.

Great piece
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I'm 23 now, so i've been legally allowed to drink here in the UK for 5 years, you would have thought that the novelty of handing it out might have worn off, but it hasn't.. Cheers dude
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