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Fork in the Road

Let's face it some strangers are C****.

That is all. As some sort of confession, I must admit i've told people to go directions that I later found out were wrong, but I don't think i've ever done it knowingly to a stranger.. Well, this guy has and he does it all the bloody time.

This was painted on some card that I superglued somewhere in the street but cant remember where, if I find a pic i'll slot it up alongside.

Acrylics, markers
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Where I live, most people on the streets will do that. Ironically, the saying in Spanish ''preguntando se llega a Roma'' (by asking directions you get to Rome).
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haha. awesome. ive done that tons of times... not on purpose, of course.
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Not on purpose? Yeah yeah sure :P
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...actually, its the kind of thing id do. i dont know why ive never tried it.