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Concrete Stare

Playing around a while back, and just dug up this scan,
As usual it started as a one liner, that I then went back into and reworked with some paint and ish'
Hope you like it :)

Pens, paint markers, and acrylics
8 x 10"
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This is absolutely gorgeous !! <3 it.
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nice ! i really like the style and the technic you use
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I like it! :) Great graphism
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mercy! i love it!
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You have a real distinct style.
I recognise this person from somwhere...
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Awesome work, I love it! wish I could draw such :/
Wow this is amazing. I love the style of realism with impressionism.
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Realism! Awesome.

You've got a bad ass signature there, as well. I'm not sure I noticed until this piece. It just sits well there.
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Haha cheers dude
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I love the colours!!! Such a beautiful style :+fav:
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this is beautiful, I love your style!
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this is so cool. i love it! the eyes look amazing.

which one did you do first, the painting or the drawing?
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Started with the drawing, I sketched out in pencil then a pen one liner across the piece, then overlaid a fatter marker in sections on top of that, and then started with the paint :) Thanks
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Really love this one!!
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That's awesome! Love the colors. I thought this was digital before I full viewed it! :omg:
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