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Banana Tattoos

I was eating lunch and happened to have a scalpel next to me, so it had to be done - it's quite nice how you cant see anything for a few minutes after scratching it and then the image slowly fades in.. I've been playing with my food since 1986 - First upload in ages, I swear it's the (minor) effort of choosing the categories that stops me uploading more stuff!
The weather here in the UK has been amazing recently, hope you've all got the good weather wherever you are!
Big love
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May 6, 2008, 8:10:03 AM
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Neko3hiki's avatar
One of these years I'm going to tattoo the turkey. Didn't know you could tattoo (my inner body modification nut says it's more banana scarification, but she is over technical at times) a banana like that. Very unique!
alaynajosz's avatar
i really like it. you should do it again. make a whole bunch.

ba dum bum. i crack myself up.
Petit-Hibou's avatar
Okay, I had to giggle at the "I was eating lunch and happened to have a scalpel next to me". I dunno why, but it seems odd. XD
TurbulentIndigo's avatar
I have carved/drawn on bananas before, but never anything that intricate. Must try. I love this!
thomaszart's avatar
This is the most creative way of making art I have ever seen. I would never think like this. As soon as I read the title " Banana tattoos" I was fucking way!? This is gonna be SO cool, and sure enough!
AshleyStewart's avatar
This is wicked! A very cool idea, and you did an awesome job :D You realize that it sounds really funny that you eat lunch with random scalpels laying around you? :XD: Made me think of how I would react if I had seen you while you were making this :XD: The finished banana is really cool though, so great job~
martemora15's avatar
Cross-Bone's avatar
That's wicked cool! You killed it, literally!
CrazyPicChick's avatar
wow very intriguing. Original.
RikaNeko's avatar
This is so much more awesome than making volcanos out of mashed potatoes.
mattrobinson's avatar
I dunno, making volcanoes out of mashed potato is pretty damn fun.. It depends - if you've got some sort of ketchup/lava thing going on then i'd say it's a clear winner :D
La-truite-qui-danse's avatar
Really nice! :D continue to play with your food! :)
Zoshism's avatar
Awesome work :D That's such a great idea, and looks so smart!
ChrisWalwanis's avatar
great original concept i had no idea that the skin would brown from being cut i will have to try this
Leah-the-Red's avatar
That's pretty awesome. Where'd you get the 11 blade?
SailorDarkStarr's avatar
That's so amazing! Did you make banana bread afterward?
mattrobinson's avatar
No I didn't unfortunately.. it sat on my desk until it started to smell weird and was barely recognisable, but it was interesting watching all the little doodles slowly fading away.. I think banana bread would have been a much better use for it!
librarian-of-hell's avatar
Awesome idea, and skilled execution. Will try sometime. I prefer my arms though ^_^
admoone's avatar
tattoo banana :D
SER1's avatar
what an idea!!!
valkyrieshoes's avatar
I don't like to eat bananas, but I am in love with this!!!
Ringo-amai's avatar
hahaha now that seems like a fun lunch time! My only question is, why in the world do you have a scalpel next to you while your eating lunch??? O.o
xx-laura-xx's avatar
Wow. This is incredible and so unque. I've never seen anyone do that with a banana before, lol. Lovely work :)
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