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November 5, 2009
Picnic by ~mattrich Very cute and definitely worth a second look...check 'em out!
Featured by jbensch
Suggested by Yasny-chan
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My theme..
Download for icons etc.
And you can also get more icons from my thread over at macthemes [link]

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LocoKitty's avatar
i am having the hardest time of my life getting this theme to work on my ipod. been through winterboard, cydia... winscp and ssh method straight into the themes folder. i CAN'T get it to work. can anyone help me?
mattrich's avatar
Sorry, I did it a long time ago, I have no idea how the new things work
kuurozaki's avatar
This is very nice! Love it <3
gazornonplat's avatar
This is glorious, only some of the meanings are lost a little in translation. For example, I have simply no idea what the ninja icon or night+candle icon are for. :/
Nightwitcher's avatar
Hi, I've just found this awesome icon set. I'm an open-source developer and I'd like to use your squared guys as main icons of my new projects (a simple event list TASKete and a music player MuRFY). But only if you don't mind. I'm a student with no income so I can't pay you for this. But I can guarantee you a pretty place in Credits. =)
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these are so cute, I like, thanks a lot :)
sweethalimo's avatar
it is really just beautiful on my iphone is missing icon (! can someone help me?
venus7's avatar
This theme is awsome! I found it in Cydia =)
venus7's avatar
This theme is awsome! I found it in Cydia =)
CharlottieRose's avatar
where can i download cydia?
AsianWhitegirlX's avatar
Is there any way you can release a rentina-friendly version of these? :)
seanm297's avatar
Awesome icons!

Would it be okay if I used them on my blog to represent different categories? I would give you credit, of course.
mattrich's avatar
What's your blog?
seanm297's avatar
I haven't gotten it online yet, I was wondering if I could use these icons before I go to all the trouble of writing the code to get them to show up for certain categories.
mattrich's avatar
Yeah you can use them, just as long as it's your personal site and nothing corporate.
seanm297's avatar
Awesome. Thank you!
TheLegoPanda's avatar
Hey. I loved these icons so much I converted them into Mac icons.

If you want me to take down just say :D
roz21's avatar
best one i've ever saw, thanks ;]
Love the set. There is one Icon I would possibly love to use in my own personal logo (I am just about to start work as a freelance developer). Could I use one for this with obviously giving you credit on my site (e.g. Logo motive designed by xx)

I'll gladly send over to you examples so you know what I am thinking of doing with it.
mattrich's avatar
Sorry I'd rather them not be used for anything else.
maniacology's avatar
I just downloaded it form Cydia and...Darn! It's cool! Thanks buddy!
justMACKIE's avatar
may you please tell me how to use this theme(that is, if it's okay for you)? pretty pretty please? :D
mattrich's avatar
You can either use cydia, or upload it to your theme directory via SSH
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