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Tellurion 297

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Oh come ON! :lol: just let us see the damn sword! :D 
On a related note, this is a perfect use of veiling and tension to bring the end result to a sweeter conclusion, very well done!
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Mmh so the a hero armed with the sword civilized the people and formed a nation (as seen in them starting agriculture) but then there was a rebellion/civil war and the sword went missing.
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Seems like the civilization of the Tellurion arc have lived peacefully until generations passed and laziness took over. People forgot their amazing advanced past for petty tribal squabbles, ruining the once great civilization. The sword is a physical representation of that past giving regained hope for the future generation like the Shield Boy here.
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Well, whatever it means, it clearly means he's found some kind of hope, even in his present circumstances.  Wow, this really got me right in the feels.  Amazing job!  Keep up the great work!
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Someone looks relieved.

TinkerTanker44432's avatar
I'm not getting it, why is he crying?
JonathanBluestone's avatar
Joined the dots, eh? Excellent, boy, excellent! Now you know the way … go for it!
Daniloolinad's avatar
Someone's feeling the irony...
bbrfrmln-cfa's avatar

Now I want a spin off about mural in the background :D

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I get the feeling HE is the person in the mural holding the sword.
i think not but perhaps he will be, eventually ; anyway, why a sword ?
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I dunno, it just seems the mural is focused on someone with a sword.
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