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This year marks 10 years since the release of Mass Effect. That is... crazy. Mass Effect was the first project that I ever worked on from start to finish. It'll always hold a special place in my heart. I was asked if I'd like to draw anything for the celebration, so I decided to go back and revisit the first crew.
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Mass effect Trilogy will be getting a remaster.

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Nice mass Effect art.
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ah, saving most of space one part at the time X3
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Excellently drawn... but no Kaidan? Pic feels incomplete without him, to be honest.
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I love Mass Effect and your work on it.
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OUI MONSIEUR , i love it
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You have the whole ME1 Crew in this pic in all of their awesome badassness! This is without a doubt my favorite Mass Effect fan art on Deviantart! 
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Yay!!! Thank you, for this and for helping to bring this great series to life!!!
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magnificent game
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10 years, oh my!
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Soo Awesome!! never even knew you were part of the project when it began!! That's really cool!!! This celebration piece looks fantastic and very neat way to commemorate the Mass Effect Series =D =D
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Who's that baldey mcspacemarine guy wearing Shepard's armor?
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*sigh* Memories...
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Awesome! Good job.
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Fantastic art!
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Still have that original ME art book. Wonderful, inspired stuff that, sadly, I feel mostly got lost in the translation to 3D.
HAHAHHAHA! Kaidens fucking dead!
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Good old times.
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