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ILM Art Department Challenge: The Ride - Revenge

Trench runs and exhaust ports are great, but I wanted to explore a more blunt, emotional statement. The Rebels recovered the largest remaining piece of Alderaan, strapped every engine they had to it, and are going to try to punch a hole through the Death Star's heart. 

It has too much momentum for the Star Destroyers to stop it. Escape pods swarm off the battle station like spores. A few loyal souls remain to fire the weapon, but it may be too little too late. 
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I don't know about you, but I also want to see the moment the rock hits the Death Star and the slow, unstoppable collapse, compression and explosion that invariably occurs! Perhaps that's another piece to consider, Matt?

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even though it's a different franchise. somehow, somewhere, as that spike of Alderaans mantel slams into the Deathstar like a bullet into a grape, somehow, somewhere, Char Aznable is laughing.

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"Hello, Daddy. Guess who's back?"

Leia was such an imposing figure as a

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Well... That's one way to get the job done.

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What a great art and of course an even better idea. Leia as avenging angel with a "little" KEW to kill the Death-Star.

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Love seeing all those Star Destroyers in disarray trying to attack or flee from the Shard.  I can almost hear Leia saying "Do it!  DO IT!  DO IT GODDAMN IT!"
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Now that's a god damn statement.
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Leia pulling a Principality of Zeon.
That's a thought, wouldn't it have been cheeper to attach light speed engines and sub light engines to asteroid and hurl them at planets rather than the flop that was imperial super weapons? Destroy a planet and you've a fresh supply of asteroids.
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"we shall take the very bones of our world and forge a mighty weapon with which we will exact our REVENGE!"

cannon fact : death stars all can warp jump
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Wow, what an idea.
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Planet ... Killer, literally.
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In space.....Sir Isaac Newton, is the badest m###er f###er  in the galaxy
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Not just a piece of alderaan ,but a piece from both jedha and scarif too.
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The Spear of Alderaan.
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After Luke failed to blow up the Death Star above Yavin IV he was soon gunned downed by Darth Vader, but not before giving Leia, and the rest of the Rebellion the time they needed to escape. Now four years later all, but the most loyal have left the rebellion. Determined to destroy the Empire's tool of death, and destruction they decided on a new strategy. 
They spent months digging through the remains of Alderaan, but their search was not in vain, they found a massive shard of the planet, and work soon got under way.
For the next 3 months they gathered any ship they could get, and built latches for them to connect to the shard, and now that shard plummets towards the Death Star, escape craft swarming off the doomed battle station. 
Leia's fist bangs the view port as she mutters "Go.", and as the shard screams past the Star Destroyer ignoring their efforts to stop it she slammed her fist on the view port even harder now yelling "GO!", and just as the shard was about to hit the Death Star, and just as it's super laser began to fire there was a bright flash like Leia has never seen. And as she staggered to her feet she wondered. "Did it work?"
Talk about sticking it to daddy.
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Nice red glow my dude.
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wow! Just wow! 
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This has made my 2017 - nothing can top it. Fantastic work.
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