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ILM Art Department Challenge: The Moment - Falcon

After Han was rescued from the clutches of Jabba the Hutt, the team returns to the Millennium Falcon to regroup.
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Looks like Han got his sight back.

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I like that look on her face. It just says: "Eyes forward, guys. You have no idea what I've been through the last couple days..."

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Do you have or recommend any art tutorials? 😃
Is Han still blind?
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Chewbacca:"WWWWRRRRRRRRRRRRAGH (No peeking)!"
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Lol finally being back in a place they call home! Lol Leia's face is priceless how finally she can get out of that outfit but lol the guys except Chewie are not being so humble though Han still does not have full site back but im sure, Leia, was thankful for that for he would never let her hear the end of it with that outfit lol.
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This is just amazing
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Man this is awesome I never thought about how Han would have thought about her in her slave outfit, also love the makeshift trooper bottle there I'd love to have one of those.
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Nailed every expression, love the colors, posing, and details, like the stormtrooper and Greedo bottles. Really nice art
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Han: "l saw her first,don't even think about hitting that!!!"  ;)
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Han was blind at that point mostly... :O Did he ever saw the slave bikini? :D OMG this never occured to me :D
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If he did, he'd never let Leia hear the end of it, and she'd never live it down.
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John-the-Enforcer's avatar
So, maybe he was still blind following the battle over the Sarlacc.  Who knows?
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Oh, this is beyond awesome!
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Hello! Would you maybe draw Oola from star wars? It is okay if you do not, just suggest. Have a nice day. Even if things not so nice, eventually they get better. You can do it! Thank you so very much, and I hope I am not bothering you.
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Drink the memory away...
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This is brilliant. 
CryloFett's avatar
Boba approves, again. Boba La 
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"...And if either of you turns to look this way,
I'll use Chewbaccas blaster to castrate you."
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God I love this ^_^
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