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ILM Art Department Challenge: The Job - Swana

Here's my model sheet for Swana, with DD-3 on her wrist. She's based on Princess Yuki from Hidden Fortress, especially her eyebrows/eyes and her bamboo scepter/whip. It was a cool exercise to elaborate on the version of her in my images in Brief 3-4.
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Really like her clothing and how layered it is
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This is such a cool character design! Beautiful job.
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I love the concept of this character. Nice painting techniques to.
what is this race called?
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Danji, apparently.
Because of this challenge a lot of original aliens were named danji 
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Such a grand outfit. Its absolutely fantastic.
The-Red-Right-Hand's avatar
Incredible character design :)!!
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Wow, the layers are fantastic. Hidden, but I assume the garb is part of the culture she is a part of, you never know who you could be talking to...
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That's a really clever inspiration and a great character design. Love!
Lord-Of-The-Guns's avatar
That's cool about the inspiration from Hidden Fortress, going back to the film's roots. What's the design decision for the heavy robes and tubes? They remind me of cold weather gear.
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Thanks! I was kind of thinking of 5th element, and how much I loved the huge, round Mondoshawan. I was thinking of the Danji as being pretty close to human, but the first time you see them they're so bulky you don't know what kind of creature is inside there. 
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Very cool character, fits in very well with the universe
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Everything about this, and your whole ILM series, is the best.
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This looks great!
Awesome work!
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So inspiring !
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so freaking amazing 0 o 0
Those Star Wars Concepts are insane
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