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ILM Art Department Challenge: The Job - Plans

Swana removes her outter cloak and reveals the plans for the second deathstar to Mon Mothma, R2 and Admiral Ackbar. The plans were stuck in the head of an Empire Droid (RA-7), but DD-3 could extract them. 
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Mon Mothma's reaction is just so perfect.

She probably wouldn't want to believe her eyes, seeing as the Rebels just destroyed the first Death Star, yet despite that massive blow to the Empire, they STILL started to build a SECOND one as if it didn't matter that the first one got destroyed.

Absolutely awesome piece of art this here. Well done!

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"Many Bothans died to bring us this information."
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That's a great touch that you showed Mon Mothma's hands doing that particular gesture!
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Swana is great character.
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Wait. Does that mean they're Bothans?!?!?!
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Wait, I remember the robots beeing able to send and recive info as loong as the heads were intact. Including transfering cordinates. So wouldnt this be like telling the Empire where they were hiding?
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A robot wizard did it. 
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I guess DD-3 can block that.
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