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Alternate Star Wars

Another alternate timeline piece of fan art for a Star Wars movie that doesn't exist.
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Oh man I love this! Luke looks amazing-- he's older but still looks like an active Jedi. I love everything! AAH!

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I mean, with the world between worlds: basically makes everything canon including fan work in my headcanon.

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cuando los fans hacen cosas mejores que lo original........ pero en este caso no es tan dificil

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It makes me think this is what Star Wars would have looked like if Don Bluth invented it.
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Oh wow... WHAT is happening in this scene here...???
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Look at that: Rey looks likeable here !
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It hurts to know how much cooler this guy looks from Kylo Ren.
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Groovy perspective here.
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this is awesome and should've been something close to what they had in mind for the sequel!
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What could have been, what should have been.
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If only, that's all we can say, if only...
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so is he holding the guy and the lightsaber up? and the other guy is trying to save the older jedi?
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Its immediately compelling! i wanna know more! also the backdrop is just jaw dropping
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!!!! I like this !!!!
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Looks so epic and intense!
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"tell me uncle, was it worth it? you destroyed Vader, you cast down the Emperor, you had the Opportunity of a thousand life times, The opportunity to RULE THE GALAXY! and you? YOU IGNORED IT!! WHY?! You could have had so much power! You could have Ruled! The Skywalker's could have ruled! what was worth throwing that kind of future away?! WHAT WAS WORTH THROWING UNLIMITED POWER AWAY?!! TELL ME!" Kylo roared.

Luke was silent, even as kylo- Ben- held him above a lethal fall from the statue they were on with a force grip, Luke's own lightsaber in front of him, the emerald blade ignited and facing him in a impaling motion.

lukes eye's were closed, not in fear or pain, but a kind of acceptance that defied words, labels or identification. he realized this is what Old Ben Kenobi must have felt like on the death star.

an emotion that came over all this however, was pity. pity for this angry, wrathful, conquest obsessed child. his nephew. his sisters son. Leia and Han's son. Kylo Ren. Ben Solo.

Luke answered, his voice patient, wise and so very, very sad. "you don't understand. I don't think you ever did, no matter how many times I told you in training."

"told me what exactly?" Kylo sneered. "about how the Darkside was nothing but a slow death? you IMBICILE! the Darkside is the True nature of the Universe, Of the Force! and I'm the one holding a light saber to your neck right now! and honestly, uncle, I've never felt more alive!"

"No. not that."

"then what?" kylo seethed.

"that we're all just bit's and pieces of a larger world. no one person is ever the center of the universe. control and power isn't everything, Ben."

Silence reigned for a few scant seconds.

"you and your DAMNED JEDI RAMBLINGS!!" kylo Frothed

The Force Grip tightened and luke prepared himself for the burning pain of the lightsaber meeting his body.

Then there was a sound. the sound of a ligthsaber igniting. and luke felt another presence in the force. kylo, tunnel versioned as he was, couldn't sense it, or didn't care.

In the force she was wellspring of light as opposed to kylo's tormented shadow. it was capable of kindness, wonder, introspection, compassion and all the things kylo had somehow forgotten. But that light was by no means weak, it knew how to survive, how to fight, and it knew anger. not anger for anger's sake, but anger born at unfairness and outrage at the cruelty and malice that men like Kylo were consumed by.

if had opened his eye's he would have seen a blue blade ignited behind kylo, and the fierce scavenger girl maneuvering to his defense.

Rey Was Here, and she wouldn't let the last jedi die. not without fighting like hell.

(I know this is a amount of text and i'm sorry but this scene is just so awesome!)
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If only I could fave comments...
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I'm honored by your praise :bow:
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Bravo! Very fitting of this piece!
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Thank you very much :)
I personally think that the reason kylo seems to have such a revisionist perspective of history and morality is that he can't seem to comprehend why his family would walk away from a chance to rule the galaxy from the imperial throne as a dynasty of emperors.
DRY-Designs-Network's avatar
That would've been better than...whatever Disney has for Kylo Ren's motives....

Your take on Kylo here is more structured than the whining, screaming brat that the onscreen version is.
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well, I think that actually is his motivation, or at least a layer of it, other than what happened between him and luke and the alienation he felt throughout his life. we just didn't get that kind of dialouge expression verbatim since it's more of an implication via his reverence for vader, the empire and it's actions, and the darkside.

and the whole feral, impotent anger that kylo has going for him, makes him much more dangerous in my opinion. Vader uses terror and destruction to make an example, to create a suffocating order, but Kylo's wanton fury is apocalyptic and sudden, and just seems to be an act of destruction for the sake of an act of destruction or an assertion of mastery. that may be cliché, but it's ifinitely more terrifying if done effectively, and when it acts as a sneak peek into someone's mind and how they see the world.

Kylo is a man who seeks dominance of the world around him to compensate for the fact that despite his knowledge of his ancestry and his study of history, he ultimately dose not know himself and desperately seeks permanent control over his life.  because if Kylor ren is not a skywalker, if he is not of the sith, if he is not the master of his world, then he is nothing.
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This would have made the Disney Continuity so much better...
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