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Alternate Rogue One

Got inspired to make some Star Wars art (a year and a half of drawing almost nothing but Tellurion in my spare time, I need to take a break). This is a little different though. Think of this as fan art for a Rogue One film from an alternate dimension. In this universe it was a light hearted heist/adventure movie, with more aliens, and mission impossible style hologram face masks that malfunction all the time (pretty sure that’s a Red Letter Media idea that had to be drawn). I’d kind of love to see other people draw scenes from their Star Wars movies.
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kind of reminds me of the "two weeks" scene from the original Total Recall, either way, this one shot is able to tell us everything about the scenario these characters r in, and what sort of things had led up to this moment, and what could possible happen next, i freaking love ur work man
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instant love for just mentioning Red Letter Media
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Great idea! Very interested to see how it plays out. 
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oh crap! Quick before he sees you're not an alien! But whose the big guy behind her?
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lol! I just got to see the whole story!
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Ah snap...was Jynn's disguise faltering while he wasn't looking?
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I want to know more.
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oh my gosh! honestly i'd love to watch this! i love the idea of alternate star wars!
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You are, hands down, one of the best graphic storytellers I know. The composition, expression and light in this (and in every damn page of Tellurion) are masterful. Thanks a million times for sharing.
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Absolutely love your SW art!!! 
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Fantastic.  I want to see more of that holomask disguise!  It would be phenomenal if you told this story in the Tellurion format!
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This would be miles better than the actual movie...
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I would definitely watch your version over the actual movie, which was crap
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interesting idea
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Love a heist! I think there need to be wayyyyy more heist movies set in fantastic universes
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Ideas, fun, pop culture influences, aliens from a thousand world... Have you any idea what Star Wars is about? (answer: you do, Disney doesn't)
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hahahah I love it :)
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This is fantastic!! I love this idea so much~
And K and Cassian fumbling around up top is hysterical
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