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Comm: Skinwalker Ryoken

By mattPLOG
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Commissioned mech.  An alternate configuration for the Skinwalker Ryoken featuring far more substantial missile systems and a slightly lessened laser punch.

Wacoma nd PS over sketch

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Kilcra Digital Artist
Drawing machines is so hard for me, I have no idea how you made this look so ordered. I'm just kind of getting a handle on rotating objects in perspective, but this is like thirty objects skewed and rotated in perspective xD 
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Don't be discouraged, like EVERY art form/subject a lot of it just comes down to practice.

A lot of that practice involves learning when you can/should cheat and lie.  If you had the ability to just drop most of my pictures into an direct 3D rendering program, I'm 100% certain that they'd all be filled with red notifications of X,Y, and Z not actually being in correct perspective.  But, as long as you can get away with it and it makes the picture look how you want it...  That's the real trick:P

Thank you for the complements:)

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Stinger-SevenHobbyist Digital Artist
So, I'm one of the sculptors with IWM, we've actually chatted in the past.

Any which way, always a huge fan of your work, but I have definitely seen your cheat before :) Looks great, terribly hard to 3D model.  Another sculptor and I have started to call them Plog-isms :D 

Please take no offense, I'll gladly take any paradoxes that come with realizing your work in 3D.  It is absolutely fantastic.
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Kilcra Digital Artist
Wow dude, thats really insightful and I appreciate the pointers :) That makes a lot of sense too, because knowing when you can fudge a detail here and there can save hours of planning perspective and reflections that no one will notice anyway (and knowing when you can't get away with it is super important too).

I guess I get intimidated by drawing complex machines like this, but I'll definitely give it a try with your tips ;) Thanks!
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Now that is one good looking Ryoken.