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DEATH BATTLE Review: Winter Soldier vs. Red Hood

DEATH BATTLE Review: Winter Soldier vs. Red Hood

Our second Live-Action DEATH BATTLE, and we have a big one! Winter Soldier′s Preview. So, we open up on the usual commentary that these comic book superheroes get. With Boomstick pointing out just how often the whole “Dead parents, strong sense of justice” trope has been used. It’s times like these that make you appreciate All Might for just wanting to help people. But, as the hosts go on, Bucky… Eventually perished. Or, so we thought. See, comic books… Actually yeah. Just that. Bucky got resurrected as the Winter Soldier. He got equipped with all sorts of things, like all sorts of training, and the Infinity Formula, which gave him some extra boosts in most areas, and basically was a knockoff supersoldier serum. Downside: all the brainwashing meant that he clashed with his old mentor, Captain America. After a bit of overview on how deadly he is, we go into an animated segment that talks about his arsenal. After emasculating Wiz on his robotic arm, they go over just how

DEATH BATTLE Review: Wally West vs. Archie Sonic

DEATH BATTLE Review: Wally West vs. Archie Sonic

Time to find out who deserves to have their picture next to the definition of speed in the dictionary! Wally′s Preview. The story opens on the most iconic feat of the Flash: Saving the multiverse. But as it cost him his life, the world was left without a Scarlet Speedster. So, who better to take up the mantle than his protégé, Wally West? The hosts note the sheer number of coincidences that led to Barry getting his powers, only to then segway into how Wally got his. The guy literally got the exact same scenario as Barry had. Why?- Because Speed Force. First off: That last line about Lex Luthor having no idea who he is made me laugh a bit more than was probably intended. Second: The hosts then go over Wally’s feats and powers. They’re pretty much the same as Barry’s, so a lot of scaling can be done. They also note that pulling this off requires Wally to be smart. (Wiz lets slip that he spiked Boomstick’s beer with some cosmic whatchamacallit, and that kinda ends
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Hello Everyone, I'm Matt. I like to play Mario, Sonic, other games, and draw and make pixel and sprite comics, arts and wallpapers. I'm a big fan of Mario, Sonic, Mob Psycho 100, Pokemon & Persona 5. So make sure to give credit to my pics. Thanks.

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Pokemon Soulsilver,Black 2 team

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Fairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Priestess
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Demon Slayer
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Michael Jackson- Billie Jean, Smooth Criminal, Beat it, You Rock my World, Remember the time and Dangerous
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Demon Slayer
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Akria Toryiama
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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
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Hey everyone. It's been a minute. I've been inactive for the past weeks because of college. However, just want to let you all know I'm still alive and well. I also took some time to grief over the passing of Chadwick Boseman. That man was a big role
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