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Lil Formers - Star Wars TFs

By MattMoylan
One I though of a while ago when they first announced the upcoming Death Star Transformer toy.

For more Lil formers head on over to [link]
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Oh well. Galactus and Unicron can just eat the Death Star.
Karimk1's avatar
so alderaan would be lost anyways.
DalekOfBorg's avatar
I have the Death Star/Darth Vader Transformer. I don't transform him very often, though; he's real big and heavy, and he's difficult to change.
Nemesisprime91's avatar
:icondarthvaderplz: :iconsaysplz: You two never watched the flims that starred me did you? This was in the script
Battledroidunit047's avatar
Uh, guys, hate to burst your bubble, but...PLOTLINE! RING A BELL?!
Aseika's avatar
now you see thats funny. first galactus then unicron finsihed the planet off ;P but vader-death star took the fun out of that cycle :P
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awesomeclone's avatar
is Vader the death star or the executer
Ultrabountyhunter's avatar
Damn it, Darth Vader!
ShockBlade501's avatar
InkyOculus's avatar
Cool! I never get to see all my favorite world devouring baddies in one place!
DalekOfBorg's avatar
Galactus: "What are those little things flying around you?"
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LeeHatake93's avatar
epic win this is hilarious
Module1's avatar
Eating planets is the right for all sentient beings
General-Krad's avatar
Awesome job on the punchline here!

Ever notice SWTF DeathStar/Darth Vader toy slightly resembles TF Cybertron's Primus toy in the body moel (minus the head).
Locks-and-Chains's avatar
They'll survive. The galaxy is full of lush worlds, ripe for the picking.
Though I think Galactus really needs to go on a diet...
LianisObsessiveMind's avatar
This is so much win xD <33
Bluejeanne's avatar
poor vader..made more enemies...poor unicron...didn't get his meal...hehe
badcop69's avatar
lol omg yes. great work.
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