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Star Trek has a hit movie and Star Wars has a crappy TV show... has the world gone topsy turvy?!

My thoughts on the new Trek Movie - it was awesome. Exceeded all my expectations, a great movie. But there is also sadness, since this movie also burns 40+ years of Trek history that I love. YES, the movie gives fans the bone that it's an alternative timeline and not actually changing history, but that doesn't matter. The Classic Trek universe (TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY) is dead. Paramount won't be going back to it. Imagine for all you comic fans, if they had cancelled the classic Marvel Universe when they came up with Ultimate Spider-man. Ultimate Spidey is great but...I grew up with classic Marvel U and I love it, even though lately it has gotten pretty sucky.

So while this is a great movie, I will still miss the real Star Trek. The movie's not without flaws of course... Nimoy felt to me to give the weakest performance of the cast, or of his career....Uhura was a totally useless character who added nothing to the movie...and overall it was all action with no real substance or meaning. But it was so good and so much fun I can look past the problems.

Go see it if you haven't!
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right idea wrong star wars poster try episode 2