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Lil Formers - Star Trek

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Star Trek has a hit movie and Star Wars has a crappy TV show... has the world gone topsy turvy?!

My thoughts on the new Trek Movie - it was awesome. Exceeded all my expectations, a great movie. But there is also sadness, since this movie also burns 40+ years of Trek history that I love. YES, the movie gives fans the bone that it's an alternative timeline and not actually changing history, but that doesn't matter. The Classic Trek universe (TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY) is dead. Paramount won't be going back to it. Imagine for all you comic fans, if they had cancelled the classic Marvel Universe when they came up with Ultimate Spider-man. Ultimate Spidey is great but...I grew up with classic Marvel U and I love it, even though lately it has gotten pretty sucky.

So while this is a great movie, I will still miss the real Star Trek. The movie's not without flaws of course... Nimoy felt to me to give the weakest performance of the cast, or of his career....Uhura was a totally useless character who added nothing to the movie...and overall it was all action with no real substance or meaning. But it was so good and so much fun I can look past the problems.

Go see it if you haven't!
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Darth Vader: You win this round Spock But I am forming an alliance with the Disney empire and together we shall rule the galaxy and wipe out Star Trek Forever!
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Crappy? Wtf do u mean crappy? 
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MattMoylanProfessional Digital Artist
This was back when Clone Wars first started and everybody hated it.
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Ohhh... And then it became one of the best aspects of the franchise
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Chester343334Hobbyist Artist
Star Wars doesn't have a crappy tv show.
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WolfPirate53Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fackeyou Star Trek!!
Star Wars is strong with this one!!
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Get it?
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*the new star wars movie, "The Force Awakens" comes out*
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MattMoylanProfessional Digital Artist
And the new Star Trek trailer.

Suddenly this strip is all backwards.
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I really liked the Star Trek movies by J.J. Abrams. I am also a huge fan of the original Star Trek series. My only issues with the movie was Bones. In the new movies he was moved in to the position of sub-main character rather then a main character. While in the original it focus on the All the command crew (yes that means Scotty too), it was Kirk, Spock and Bones that where the Main characters. They were the big three. Mind (Spock) Body (Kirk) and Soul (Bones). The movies never even touched this. There was no witty banter between Bones and Spock but for some randomly placed comments. Bones was Kirks confidant. Hell Spock trust Bones with his Katra. However none of this was shown. I understand that it was suppose to be at the beginning of the series before they had that kind of trust in each other, but still. They show you that Kirk and Bones are best friends but you only get that feeling at the beginning of each film and the end. Also, you would think Spock and Bones would argue more since they don't know each other yet, and they disagree with the other thinking. I think Karl Urban did a great job portraying Bones, it just the writers and director let us down by not including what made these three such a great team.
Now some of you might not share my opinion but this is what I think.
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I didn't like much i mean where's the science why is it just action why is mccoy just an adviser,and when would spock say that the closest he said it was "go to hell" in Star Trek 6 the apology   
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lol YUSH!! :D
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voldemort325Hobbyist Artist
haha... spock would never say that...
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thank you J.J. Abrams for renewing the star trek series and soon the star wars series!
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Abrams ruin star trek 
and star wars now?
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even though the Abrams star trek is nothing like the original its..different, like star trek online

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mexicanzillaHobbyist Artist
Oh, the irony. J.J. Abrams is directing the next Star Wars 
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I thought the movie was good (I actually liked Into Darkness more) but the movie did one thing to me that I am eternally grateful for: it got me watching the original star trek series. Without this movie I would probably have never known what Star trek was!!
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That's my current life story and obsession right there.
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dragonostaHobbyist General Artist
love the pic loool
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LogiTeekaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, the irony. J.J. Abrams is directing the next Star Wars film.

It be cool if this somehow leads to a crossover film or something.
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PotatoOniHobbyist Traditional Artist
I have the same opinion about this movie as George Takei: It's a good movie, but it doesn't have much to do with the actual Star Trek concept.

I certainly don't think that they will let the original universe die. At least they shouldn't. This would be an bad decision not only towards the fans but also comercially. With the new movies coming out many people who only wathced these will become interested in ST and probably watch the previous shows and movies as well and then they'll probably demand a new show in the actual universe. If there'll be an new ST series I don't think someone would like to let it take place in the alternate Reality. I mean I know how SW Clone Wars is and if there would be an new ST show wich would take place in the AR then it would certainly be like this (JJ Abrams stated that his movies are supposed to be more like SW then ST). And this would be horrible. And it would take the chance to give fanservice in form of quest appearences of former Trek actors for example Brent Spiner kicking ass as fully restored Data now with full emotions (I'm sure hew ould like to play Data completly Badass since he stated that he was dissapointed that the writers turned his ideas for Datas caharacter development down back then).

Star Trek was always about working together, overcome differnces, discuss important ethical topics and do space action stuff. Basicly being nice, talk alot and blow up ships. But the JJ Abrams movies are only about the space action, even the science stuff is missing (red matter, what is that anyway? Was dark matter sold out?), wich is not that bad, but theres something missing. This makes the movie pretty generic.
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