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A piece I did ages ago for the gang over at Allspark. It just got put up as part of their new "Ask Cannonball" section.

Check it out: [link]

One of the first non-Lil style TF's I did, though he's still pretty cartoony.
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thedi's avatar
Gotta love Cannonball!
Sandgoddess-Naomi's avatar
This is awesome! I love this picture.
Cannonball, how do you think Fembots be treated?
vmv-81's avatar
Very nice! :D That message in a bottle is a nice detail!
The-Demolisher's avatar
Drunken robot pirate = Awsome
Autobot-Windracer's avatar
Schmedderling's avatar
I like it, and yay for pirate TFs! ^_^
Puffball's avatar
Holy crap I had on idea you were part of AS! *is a n00b there now* XD and that's such a cracky pic of Cannonball, I love it.
TFDarkscream's avatar
*Laughs* An "Ask Cannonball" section. Tha has to be awesome.

^_^ Yay for Cannonball!
Starath's avatar
xD Arrr, that be the awesomest pirate-bot I've ever seen!

He looks so cheerful with his bottle of ale, too. :giggle:
Storm-Blue's avatar
he looks kinda wasted :giggle:
elena466's avatar
I like as you has drawn the right hand. This creates the correct mindset. I in general like your style.
Draange's avatar
Hellsfirescythe's avatar
*all for over-energized robots*

I'm not sure who he is, but he looks great!
Inferno933's avatar
So cute as usual ^_^
straya's avatar
...because you cannot POSSIBLY go wrong with a robot pirate. XD Much love!
operative274's avatar
Awesome! - Cannonball defintiely was one of the better TF's of the new generation - would like to have seen more 'pirate' TF's ;) :clap: Excllent work matt! :D
Oni-Garama's avatar
I can't wait to see the comic with him in it. That's gonna be great.
TM2DB's avatar
Cannonball. One of the few repaints that became better then his predecessor.
Raja-Ulat's avatar
Went to the site and I must say, I am amused! -^o^-
tsaisin's avatar
Awww, he so happy...
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