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Power Girl

Power Girl fan art.

Made in Photoshop CS6.
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© 2015 - 2021 MattMerhoff
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nice in the shade

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This is the best Power Girl artwork I have seen on Deviant Art.

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Kind of reminds me of Jennifer Lawrence. Awesome work on my second favorite DC heroine.

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 Nod  Pure love for her, MattMerhoff  Nod  Nod 
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Very good work.
Absolutely stunning.

Power Girl has always been my favorite DC babe.
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WOW Awesosme !!!!!!!!!!!
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Oh're clearly a much better artist than I initially estimated.
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a Work of Absolute Art...i would Guess that the Cleavage is for Distracting The "Bad Guys" haha Nice Job
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Boy, if it isn’t her outfit, her looks, her ability or, well, the obvious reason, then that smile could disarm even the stoniest-hearted criminal. If that were me I’d probably be too flustered to even look her in those dazzling blue eyes, sweating bullets like I had a dozen mini-guns pumped into me at once. ^^;


You’ve painted a portrait with an incredibly realistic level of detail, especially for a face and upper body close-up, with great subtle shades of sunlight as necessary. I’m almost led to believe that she’s actually human rather than a character. Her eyes are a gorgeous-looking blue, and those teeth are as pearly-white as her uniform. And let’s not forget her hair; capturing the motion of a perfect light breeze.

The background is also perfectly lit to reflect that sunlight, using great changes in shading. Looks like a perfect day to fly, or at least, hover on patrol.


Needless for me to say, this one’s going into my “Honorary Class” collection, whatever that means to you. It’s impossible to ignore the level of dedication, hard work and effort you’ve put into this one, and the results, well, they speak for themselves. Keep up the astonishing work! :clap:

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That's such a great compliment! Thank you so much, it means a lot! :)
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By all means, the pleasure was mine. You deserve it! :)
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