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Harley Quinn vs. Harley Quinn

New 52 Harley Quinn battles classic Harley Quinn. Who will win Best Harley?
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Looks great here. :D I'm voting for Classic Harley Quinn btw. :)

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This reminds me of Batman: White Knight. Joker is cured of his mental illness, returns home to Harley, apologizes and even proposes to her, wanting to start a healthier relationship. however, Harley instead attacks him and beats his ass while demanding he "puts on some make-up and go rob a back." the real Harley then shows up, beats up the fake, and takes Joker back to her apartment. The real Harley Quinn (Harleen Quinzel) fights the imposter Harley (Marian Drews) while telling the latter why she loves Joker; the original loves him despite his flaws while the new one loves him only for his flaws.

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I already know the winner

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¡Classic Harley is THE BEST HARLEY!
I laugh. That's it.
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Such a White Knight reference. Now all we need is Neo Joker!
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classic harley! i so happen to cosplay classic Harley Blink Avitar 
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I like all Harley Quinn's personally...
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I prefer Classic Harley personally.
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Classic Harley >>>>>>>>>> 
Great job btw.
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Classic Harley for the win!
Classic all the way.
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Go classic Harley Go!
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I'm more into the past then the present.
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I love both :)
The Jockers face is really funny.
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I enjoy both.  I think the 52 Harley has most of the elements of the original, even if her clothes are different and she's no longer with the Joker.  I rewatched the original after reading the comics and there's a lot of parallels I didn't notice.

So...  The best Harley is Harley.
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