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Stegoceras validum + Striatornata sp.

Stegoceras validum, a 2m long pachycephalosaur, looks even more diminutive next to Striatornata plants. Striatornata sanantoniensis is known from fossils further south alongside southern species of Steogceras, but similar species may have existed in the Dinosaur Park Formation with S. validum. Striatornata bleonged to the Musaceae, a group of plants including ginger and bananas. It appearance here is based on the later Spirematospermum (which could grow up to 3m tall) but with shorter, stouter seed pods, which look especially delicious to the little pachycephalosaur.
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Is this thing totally feathered? Again quite different from my proposal:…

I thought feathers in Pachycephalosauridae was not very likely.
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No, the intent is to show quills on the tail. I did not draw scales on the body since basal marginocephalians like Psittacosaurus seem to be covered mostly in tiny reticulae, which would not be visible outside of an extreme close-up (your versions seems to have more Triceratops type scales, but other ceratopsids also show mostly standard reticulate pavement scales so I'd say those big polygons are unique to triceratopsines).

Feathers on pachycephalosaurids are currently equally likely as no feathers. At least, psittacosaur-like quills.
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Ok, I understand. Thanks for the info, because I was unsure about the integument in Psittacosaurus too.
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Such a cool artwork! Great anatomy and wonderful colouring!
Heytomemeimhome's avatar
I really wish the field guide was available on the iBookstore ...
MattMart's avatar
Second Edition will be...eventually! (As will a couple shorter things coming much sooner...).
Heytomemeimhome's avatar
It's so cute can I pet it , please?
JonaGold2000's avatar
Nice one! i like the way its sniffing flowers.
NTamura's avatar
Gorgeous... reminds me of 18th century bird paintings.
Smnt2000's avatar
Stop being so amazing.
Then again, bravo!
bensen-daniel's avatar
This is gorgeous.
Ornitholestes1's avatar
Very Audubon-esque.
Albertonykus's avatar
Great to see you being prolific lately (publicly so anyway). New avatar too I see.
DinoBirdMan's avatar
Cool! I like that flexible version of pachycephalosaur with the down-ward quills at the tail ends.:)
EWilloughby's avatar
Really nice, the composition gives an excellent sense of scale.
anatotitan's avatar
Damned good work. Like something out of a Victorian naturalist's monograph.
NinjaMonkey38's avatar
Dawwwwwwwww... Look at him! He's a fun-size Pachycephalosaurus! It's so CUUUUUUUUUUUUTE! :iconomgsocuteplz:
Kazuma27's avatar
Wonder why i always found orange well suited for dinosaurs...
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