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Lambeosaurus lambei

A large male Didanodon altidens (aka Lambeosaurus lambei), based on the specimen ROM 794 (formerly numbered ROM 5131), shown bellowing and extending a throat sac or dewlap based on unpublished specimens of saurolophine hadrosaurids. The tree is based on the modern genus Dacrydium, a podocarp similar to the types abundant in the Dinosaur Park Formation.
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kind of looks just like a lambeosaurus to me
pilsator's avatar
... and now I read your blogpost. Gorgeous artwork again, and an interesting "middle-of-the-road" approach to the dewlap (at least from what I know, with the apocryphal dewlapped Maiasaura specimen and the adult Anatosaurus annectens said to preserve a huge throat pouch).
antillanka's avatar
hehehehe, when I first saw it I thought it was wearing a red hat, it's cool!!
olyolyoxenfr's avatar
I love the avant-garde dinosaurian names, they always seem to have so much charm. Although, isn't "Didanodon altidens" a Nomen nudum?
MattMart's avatar
Thanks! I agree, I like using old names more for an old timey aesthetic than anything else, though pointing out obscure synonymy problems is a bonus. I don't believe Didanodon is a nomen undue, contrary to recent published opinions. See my new blog post here [link]
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I like lambeosaurus, but did didandon has nice ring to it as well.
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A throat sac? Interesting.
MattMart's avatar
Rumors of a throat sac or dewlap in at least one hadrosaur specimen have been going around for years... It would be nice if somebody actually described them already, if they actually exist.
MickeyRayRex's avatar
i give almost all of my dinosaurs dewlaps or throat pouches for some reason
DinoBirdMan's avatar
That was really cool!:)
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