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Hi, I really like your work. Just wanted to let you know, I made a vector illustration inspired by your reconstruction of Tyrannosaurus rex.  Tyrannosaurus rex by DiAm1
I'm in need of your assistance. Your book, A Field Guide to Mesozoic Birds and Other Winged Dinosaurs, it states that Microraptor zhaoianus is found in both the Yixian and Jiufotang formations. Yet virtually all other sources say it's exclusively Jiufotang. So what's going on here? Is this a case of Science Marches On or are there Yixian Microraptors hiding in a museum somewhere?
Good question! Turner 2012's paper on paravian systematics lists Microraptor as coming from both the Yixian and the Jiufotang. That's why it was included as such in my book. I had assumed further specimens from the Yixian were found and were among the ones discussed in Turner's paper. However, so far there doesn't seem to have been any more on this, and Turner does not cite any particular Yixian specimens. A few people have asked me about this and now that I think about it, I have a hunch Turner might have been including the Yixian specimen now known as Changyuraptor. Just a hunch, but it's possible. So far no other specific fossil currently assigned to Microraptor have been published as specifically hailing from the Yixian.
Thank you so much for clearing that up.
Haven't seen many updates here or on your blog in a while. Hope you're doing well. Is the new book still coming along?
Yes, doing well, thanks! My real job and other things have been keeping me pretty busy. Most of what I've been working on is for the new book(s) so I haven't been posting much online, but I'm plugging away at it! I'm hoping to have one new book ready by the end off this year, but that might be over-ambitious...