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The Great Deku Tree

By mattleese87
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Listen to this [link] to really put you in the mood :) Courtesy of Zelda Reorchestrated

This is a relatively simple photo-manipulation I did in order to create a more realistic Great Deku Tree for my tabletop Zelda game. Technically, the one in the game is the same one as in The Wind Waker (and presumably the Deku Sapling from Ocarina of Time), but I never liked his WW design... too... Shrek-like. I wanted something more like the original Deku Tree, something that looked more like a wise, old forest deity.

Here's a link to the original image, taken by Tai Power Seeff: [link]
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for some reason I can't help but hear the voice of treebeard as the deku tree as well.
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Reminds me of Tree Beard.
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Thank you google for your search by image feature, i also found this on pinterest, with no source like most of time (such a shame ....) - Now pinned with the source :w00t:
Great job on it :)
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Thanks for the compliment and for taking the time to source me!
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Oh my god, I was thinking this was a photograph. Someone put it on pinterest and everyone could tell what it was, but nobody knew where it was from. That's really good!
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Well technically it is still a photograph, just a manipulated one ;) Thanks though and I don't suppose there's any way to credit me on the one on pinterest, eh? I guess I should start putting my logo and URL on all my images...
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Especially this one. It looks fantastic and so natural!
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This is deep man. Real awesome!
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That is really cool! Looks real, good job! :D

I used that image for inspiration for my fanfic. If you're curious about it, here's the links. [link]
Deviantart [link]
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Eh..... ENTMOET! :D lol
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Whoa this is sooo cool. You manipulated it so well!
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This is incredible!
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Amazing image!
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Very neat. I can see this as being how the Deku Tree would look in real life! :)
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Wow...! Very awesome, and original. May I ask how you did this (other than obvious photo manips. lol) and if I could add a few things, and submit it as a collab?
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Thanks! For the most part I just changed the hue/contrast a bit, then used the clone tool and the healing tool to spread the desired textures, adding in darkened/lightened areas where needed. Really nothing much to it. But sure, go ahead! I'd like to see what you could do to enhance it. Let me know when you have something!
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Awesome^^ Thank you, and that sounds quite clever. I sometimes forget about the clone tool and just use the spread tool.
And I likely won't be adding too much, but I hope you'll like what I do^^
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I knew Kokiri Forest still existed :D
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And I did look at the original image, great job!
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This looks excellent. And I completely agree about the preference for his design.
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that is truly an amazing talent you have there (:
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