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Hyrule Map - The Dark Deluge



This is a fun little addition to my tabletop Zelda game, which I've entitled "The Legend of Zelda: The Dark Deluge." The game is situated about 300 years after the events of Ocarina of Time in the Adult Link timeline and the events of the game lead to the legend mentioned in the prologue of The Wind Waker (specifically, the return of Ganon from his imprisonment, no Hero of Legend there to defeat him, and the people resorting to praying to the Goddesses to save them... resulting in the flood). Personally I felt it was the perfect place to create the setting because I would be able to feature a lot of classic Zelda stuff while still retaining the timeline (in the end, Ganon cannot be defeated by the players, only fought to a point where he loses his chance to completely take over Hyrule). I'm a sucker for keeping things canon.

Anyways, I wanted the game to feel very real because it would indeed be based on the Dungeons & Dragons template and using those books as guides. I spent a lot of time setting up creature stats, dungeons, and artwork to go along with this game... enough that I felt I should probably publish the thing online when I'm done with it so others can use it if they so choose.

This is the map of Hyrule I created, which is sort of a combination of the maps from Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess, while introducing places that will eventually become islands in The Wind Waker. Some of the towns are named after the Sages of Ocarina of Time, in the same way many towns in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link had these same names (though in a completely different place and probably different timeline). Even the ranch is named after Link's horse, Epona. Overall I wanted to establish much more immensity to the land, make it feel much larger, uncharted, and epic while also creating the atmosphere of a Hyrule that has long prospered and rejoiced in the memory of the Hero of Time and the Sages that saved them long ago, but now darkness creeps back, threatening to undo it all.

A few other places are my own invention, like the Flood Temple. Since there was an Earth Temple (probably in honor of Din) and a Wind Temple (in honor of Farore), there would probably have been another one for Nayru. I put it near the peak that would eventually become Great Fish Island, a place that Jabun (presumably Lord Jabu Jabu) had once lived. I included a structure from Four Swords Adventures, the Pyramid, but dubbed it the Forsaken Pyramid because it would not only be the housing place of the Trident of Power (which I decided is a creation of the Dark Interlopers) and therefore a stronghold for Ganon when he returned to the Light World, but also the name would be retained when the nearby peak becomes the Forsaken Fortress.

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So this is set pre-flood? Nice, but I do have to wonder what that means for the end-game situation! How are you going to handle that?