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Prince Charming Champions Online by MattL1222 Prince Charming Champions Online :iconmattl1222:MattL1222 2 0
Sheva Ellison
Name:  Sheva Ellison
Nickname/Alias: What other names does your character have (self-given, how friends call him/her, etc)?
Race/Species: Human
Place of Birth: Alderaan
Current Age: 36
Gender: Female
Height: 6'0
Weight: 210
Appearance: She has dark green eyes and dark long brown untamed hair, body decked out in tattoos, a few scars on her body and always has a grumpy expression on her face
Clothing: she mainly wears a respirator over her nose and mouth, a pair of dark brown and very dirty looking brown boots, dark blue dirty jeans, a pair of black gloves and a black sleeveless shirt along with a dark blue bandanna tied around her head along with a belt
Force Specialty: N/A
Lightsaber forms: N/A
Equipment: She has a belt with every mechanics tool that she needs along with a device that allows her to control droids from a distance and be able to program them.
Lightsaber(s): N/A
Other Weapons: She has an custom made droid she built herself that is based off of the well known systems
:iconmattl1222:MattL1222 2 0
Kingdom Hearts OC
Name: Vincent Van Batsbane
Original World: Darkwing Duck
Title(s): None
Nickname: Some people call him Vinny but he HATES that quite a bit
Species: Anthro Vampire Bat
Appearance: He is a tall humanoid vampire bat who wears an attire very reminiscent of Van Helsing, on the back of his coat however is his personal logo, a vampire bats head with the words Monster Hunter below it. he also wears contacts to counteract his poor eyesight
Weapon: As a superhero he has various gadgets for hunting monsters, a holy water squirt gun. a crossbow with silver arrows, garlic grenades, and his main weapon. a sword he carries on his back
Personality: Vincent rarely talks to anyone if ever and has a natural hate for any monsters that have a reputation for harming people but he does have a soft side to him when it comes to cute animals
History: The descendant of the legendary monster hunter Albert Van Hecksing, Vincent naturally had a talent when it came to weapons and gadgets, never liking the feel of gu
:iconmattl1222:MattL1222 1 0
JO Padawan OC
Name: Keemo
Nickname/Alias: What things, other than their birth/given name, is your Character called?
Race/Species: Cathar
Place of Birth: Cathar
Current Age: 10
Gender: Male
Height: 4'6
Weight: 96
Appearance: He looks alot like a younger, male version of Murghir from Star Wars The Old Republic
Clothing: Standard Padawan Robes
Force Specialty: N/A for now
Lightsaber forms: N/A for now
Equipment: N/A
Lightsabers: N/A for now
Other Weapons: A tiny dagger he carries with him
Occupation: Jedi Padawan
Biography: The son of two Cather warriors on the planet Cathar, Keemo for a few years of his life was trained very hard often beaten to toughen him up. One day he was getting beat as usual until a Jedi knight opened the door and said with a very nice voice to the boy "I have come to take you to the temple young one." He said saying that Keemo was to be a jedi youngling and although his parents faught hard, he was still taken away from the age of 7 all the way to the age of 10 where he remains
:iconmattl1222:MattL1222 1 3
Bounty Hunter OC
Name:Coran Sanvold
Home Planet:Kamino
Current Residence:Unknown
Appearance: his armor made of duraplast his human form
Weapons:DC-17m Interchangeable Weapon System (DC-17m ICWS every attachment for every situation. ZX miniature flame projector. 1 wrist mounted vibroblade. which he could make pop out with a press of a button connected to his palm. Model 434 blaster pistol. LG-5 laser gauntlet. a few grenades
Equipment: PAC20 visual wrist comlink on the left gauntlent. a Oxidizer built into his helmet. a ILF-5000 Life Form Scanner built into the helmet. A Disruption Bubble Generator build onto his belt. a few Binder cuffs. A Fast Flesh Medpac. Modified Sith Trooper Armor a JT-12 jetpack and a YVH 1 Droid named Lobo
Relationship Status:Single
Family: Unknown S
:iconmattl1222:MattL1222 1 0
Name: Jack Morrison
CodeName: White Knight
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Race: Mutant
appearance: Long brown hair, athletic body, Little bit of peach fuzz
clothes:white jacket with an X on the back and black trim on the jacket, A white T Shirt says has a band logo called the White Knights and a pair of blue jeans along with some boots as for his uniform he wears a white and black version of the x men uniform
Personality: He is a very serious and dedicated person who follows orders to a T and if he makes a mistake then he will do everything to correct it. He is a perfectionist whom while others hang out in burger joints he is studying mostly but he does have a soft spot if he knows someone well enough.
Weapons: Until he learns how to make weapons he uses a White Katana which he uses his mutant power to power up and enchance
Powers: Telekinesis, can levitate objects push people lift people ect. Enchanced body and can power up his katana
Power ranking: c
History: Born and raised in New York he was
:iconmattl1222:MattL1222 1 2
Name: Richard Price
Age: 18
Description: He has brown eyes, an athletic body type, blonde hair and a rather big nose, he wears a green baseball cap and always wears a pair of blue jeans along with a dark green shirt with a leaf and on the back says "Plants are people too," A pair of dark brown shoes that are rather dirty
Personality: He is a very friendly and homely kind of person that loves nothing more then to plant flowers, grow vegitables and other kinds of plant life. He also has a sense of justice and is the kind of person that belives in freedom as long as what your doing is right and nothing bad well at least bad to Richard anyways
Equipment: He has the transmutation symbol tattooed and scarred onto the palms of his hand. He also has a symbol dagger and a backpack
Abilities: He can use alchemy in order to control nature like Grass, Plants, Wood ect
History: Richard was born to a family of gardners and lived a simple life but there was one thing though, his mother hated alchemy
:iconmattl1222:MattL1222 0 1
Name: Morgan Le Fay
Code Name: Lunatic
Class: Mutant
Alliance- Villain
Looks- She is about 5'8 and a half and weighs about 230 pounds. She has alot of tattoos on her body along with a blue/green Mohawk. She also has piercings on her belly button along with her face. She has 2 eyebrow rings, a bull nose ring or whatever its called, tongue ring and a lip ring
Wears- She wears a strait jacket and a muzzle by her mistress's orders due to her being out of control and torn blue jeans and a pair of boots.
Costume- She simply wears her strait jacket unbound
and no muzzle
Personality- In Many ways she is a sadistic psychopath and wont hesitate to kill you but she is obedient to her mistress Annabelle but all the same she is hard to tame and control. She is a savage and loves to kill and to smell the scent of blood.
Powers- Healing Factor, Peak Human Performance, Razor Sharp Fangs and claws
Equipment- N/A
Gadgets- N/A
Weakness- Her weakness is when her mistress is in danger
History- Morgan Le Fa
:iconmattl1222:MattL1222 2 0
Name: Jacob Cross
Age: 26
Code Name: Brimstone
Class: Human with a demonic entity sealed in him
Alliance- Antihero
Looks- He has a very athletic and tough build. He has dark brown hair that is unkempt and a few tattoos on his back torso and arms and brown eyes. The tattoos are as follow. He has a pinup girl tattooed on his bike wearing a biker chick attire and on a motorbike and very detailed. The tattoo on his chest is composed of 2 skulls that have a chain on them with an x and words in the form of a tapestry that say Live to Ride Ride to Live The tat on his left arm is composed of flaming dice with a flaming royal flush hand behind the dice along with more flames and some stars on his arm and finally the one on his right arm is very strange in the fact it appears to be the inside of a motorcycle or some machinery but there are some small tears of his skin but they are just apart of the tattoo
Wears- He has a cowboy hat that he usually wears. A blackish purple leather jacket with fan
:iconmattl1222:MattL1222 1 0
MattL1222's Digimon OC
Name: Ricky Ortiz
Age: 16
Description: He is half mexican half asian and he has beautiful dark brown dreadlocks and a goatee. His skin is mixed of asian and mexican and so is his face. He also wears his baseball jersey since in high school he is on the baseball team
Personality: Like his partner he is very loyal and kind and will do anything to protect his partner. He is also fun loving and likes to have a good time but at times he can be very competitive. He is also Valiant and protective of his friends and is willing to give his life to save them. He is very smart for an athlete and does whatever is best for the situation at hand
Crest: Crest of Solidarity
Armour Digi-Eggs: Digiegg of Solidarity
Digivice: D-2
Partner: StrikeMon
Equipment: He also wears his baseball jersey since in high school he is on the baseball team. He also wears a necklace that has his initials RO and rings on his fingers that spell out his name. He has goggles and as for his pants he wears jeans
History: Ricky
:iconmattl1222:MattL1222 2 2
Jedi Order OC
Name: Kurtek Zorvam
Nickname/Alias: What things, other than their birth/given name, is your Character called?
Race/Species: Kiffar
Place of Birth: Kiffu
Current Age: 16
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8
Weight: 234
Appearance: He has dark brown dreadlocks, dark brown eyes, tan skin, a muscular an athletic body for someone his age and red facial tattoos that are common to the zorvam clan which appear tribal and primal
Clothing: He commonly wears the outfit of a sith apprentice but a little altered to make it lighter therefore being able to move quicker
Force Specialty: He knows force pull and push, and standard force choke and lightning and saber throw due to being in the sith academy but he can do it a bit better then most and can do psychometrey due to his clan and the other standard issue force powers
Lightsaber forms: So far he knows basic shii cho but he is pretty good at it and also knows hand to hand combat
Equipment: Anything other than weapons and clothes (since they are already listed)
:iconmattl1222:MattL1222 1 0
MGSSongofthePatriots OC
Code Name: Land Mine Tarantula
Real Name: Mohammad Lopez
Alias: Walking Death
Group: Foxhound
Class: Demolition/Spy
Nationality: Unknown
Past Affiliations: Delta force, SAS, CIA, MI6
Fields of Expertise: Other skills but primarily weapons making, stealth and hacking but he has quite a few other skills
Age: Unknown but possibally mid 20's or early to mid 30's
Height: 6'0
Weight: 240
Eye Color: Blueish Green
Hair Color: Black
Ethnicity: Spanish Arabian
Distinguishing Features: He has a facial scar across his face in an x shape and quite a few tattoos on his body arms and back and legs all of them Mexican and Arabian tats
Gear/Clothing: His inner outfit is a modern version of Il Lupo from assassins creed as for outer he uses a hightech spider suit which is similar to laughing octopus from mgs4 but it has 8 spider arms on the back which can dispense explosives and allow for camoflauge via a stealth device and zipline type devices which can simulate a spiders webbing which allows it to zip
:iconmattl1222:MattL1222 1 0
Tyran's first saber by MattL1222 Tyran's first saber :iconmattl1222:MattL1222 1 5
JediOrder 2nd OC
Full Name: Daraptalk'ru (Mountainous Stone Champion)
Pronunciation (if necessary):n/a
Skin Color: Blue
Eye Color: Jade Green
Hair Style: N/A
Hair Color:N/A
Facial Hair:N/A
Physical Features: For his species he looks very handsome and he has a feminine look to him that for some reason seems to attract everyone to him and he also has very nice lekkus that are both long and shapely
Clothing:a pair of nice pants and a sleeveless shirt with a sleevless jacket and an overall attire similar to aayla secura
Health Issues (if applicable):none
Weapons: A blaster and dagger
Lightsaber Forms (if applicable):none yet
Relationship Status::Single
Residence:Jedi Temple
Job:Jedi Padawan
:iconmattl1222:MattL1222 1 0
JediOrder OC
Full Name:Kroran
Pronunciation (if necessary):N/A
Skin Color: Pale White
Eye Color: Blood Red
Hair Style: none
Hair Color: Pale White
Facial Hair: Pale White
Physical Features:He looks like any regular wookie except his fur is white and he was born with blood red eyes and is rather large for his age he pretty much looks like this except he is albino white and is not shaven
Health Issues (if applicable):N/A
Weapons:Ryyk blades and a bowcaster and his claws until he gets a saber
Lightsaber Forms (if applicable):until he finds a master none
Relationship Status:SIngle
Job:None for now
:iconmattl1222:MattL1222 1 0
my OC by MattL1222 my OC :iconmattl1222:MattL1222 4 2


PKMN Monochrome - Rainbow: Choose Your Hero! by Gracious-Mistake PKMN Monochrome - Rainbow: Choose Your Hero! :icongracious-mistake:Gracious-Mistake 32 0 Elite Villains by vigilantebt Elite Villains :iconvigilantebt:vigilantebt 2 7 Gimmix (Earth-27) commission by phil-cho Gimmix (Earth-27) commission :iconphil-cho:phil-cho 113 10 USM: KRAVEN THE HUNTER in HYDRA ARMOR by Jerome-K-Moore USM: KRAVEN THE HUNTER in HYDRA ARMOR :iconjerome-k-moore:Jerome-K-Moore 231 10 Bendy and Alice Angel in: Get A Life 5 by Negaduck9 Bendy and Alice Angel in: Get A Life 5 :iconnegaduck9:Negaduck9 177 30 [BNHA OC] Yuko Makigai Sheet by Baztey [BNHA OC] Yuko Makigai Sheet :iconbaztey:Baztey 40 24 Devil's Harlot Lineup by jessiesheram Devil's Harlot Lineup :iconjessiesheram:jessiesheram 18 12 - New Kid Showcase - South Park TFBW - by Favoriz - New Kid Showcase - South Park TFBW - :iconfavoriz:Favoriz 28 25 Reboot! Candyman by Insane-Mane Reboot! Candyman :iconinsane-mane:Insane-Mane 66 69 Virtue Curtain Call #15 - Burger Clown by Kyuuen Virtue Curtain Call #15 - Burger Clown :iconkyuuen:Kyuuen 4 0 City Of Heroes Lineup by jessiesheram
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City Of Heroes Lineup :iconjessiesheram:jessiesheram 18 22
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matt lyles
United States
Current Residence: Missouri
deviantWEAR sizing preference: XXXL
Print preference: N/A
Favourite genre of music: 90s Rock and Roll
Favourite photographer: none
Favourite style of art: Any
Operating System: windows
MP3 player of choice: any
Shell of choice: any
Wallpaper of choice: Anything really
Skin of choice: any
Favourite cartoon character: Too many to decide
Personal Quote: Someday your life is going to flash before your eyes, make sure its something worth seeing.
Name: Kazuchi Okada

Age: 300

Gender: Male

General Appearance: He has the look of someone in there early 20s, messy black hair and a face usually adorned with a smirk. his upper attire is composed of a black vest with blue lightning like designs adorning it, under the vest is a white samurai shirt with chainmail, a matching pair of black pants and a pair of fancy black and blue sneakers from the human world, on his face are a pair of shades like that you would find at a rave

Strengths: His main strength and strongest asset is the fact he is as quick as a bolt of lightning which combined with his constant training with both offensive hado and swordsmanship, makes him a dangerous shinigami to fight that you would be lucky to even see, let alone hit

Weaknesses: He has focused so much when it comes to speed and offense that his defense is lacking, although able to dodge attacks easily, he is sorely lacking in the blocking area of combat

Personality: Speed, Adrenaline, Energy, all of these words describe the soul reaper known as Kazuchi Okada perfectly. He is ALWAYS energetic and hyperactive even for someone his age but deep down inside him lies another side of him, a side he can unleash at the drop of a hat, a more ruthless, cunning, sadistic side to him that is not afraid of causing Brutality.

Historical Outline: Being the child of a higher noble house, his parents expected him to act prim and proper, that was not the case as Kazuchi was the black sheep of the family, preferring to hang out with commoners and lower class people then those of his own social class which put him at odds with his family. One thing they did approve of though is his skill with his zanpakuto and being top of his class at combat. After he graduated he eventually unlocked Shikai due to a chance encounter with his Zanpakuto spirit and although they were at odds with each other at first, they worked together in one battle and have been friends ever since.

Division: (I will let the admins decide

Rank: (I will let the admins decide

Zanpakuto: Kisei Raijin (Screaming Thunder God)

Release Phrase: Clap

Shikai state: when released into shikai state, Kisei-Raijins blade straightens out a ways, leaving the last 5th of the blade to jagged into a bolt tip, the handle also expands into a dome shape at the top, with a broad plate coming down, guarding the hand of the wielder. at the very tip of the blade a spark of electricity is generated. with this, when the swords moves, it leaves a ribbon of glowing light, for what purpose is unknown...

Shikai Abilities: Kisei Raijin, as its name suggests, is a lightning based zanpakuto, granting its wielder an impressive speed boost. the Blade also grants its wielder with the ability to manipulate electricity in a variety of ways, however the blades default function is its "Ultimate spear abilities". as the Blade connects with an opponent, its secondary effect comes into play, numbing down the opponents body with electric charges, making them slower, when an opponent has gathered 5 charges, Kisei-Rajin utilizes its passive "Black-Light". aside from the aforementioned techniques, Kisei Raijin has several other inspired abilities.

Charge!: a Passive of Kisei Raijin, when the wielder utilizes a kido, Kisei Raijin channels it through the tip of its blade, enveloping it with an added electrical charge, increasing the power of Projectile Hado with form, and all Bakudo accessible to the weilder. getting hit with a charged hado inflicts a numb charge on the foe (Even if blocked) and striking a charged Bakudo, or getting hit by a charged bakudo will result in a numb charge.

Bankai Name: Reserved for Captains, reliable Lieutenants, and VERY few seated Shinigami/Rogue Shinigami only.

Bankai Appearance: Reserved for Captains, reliable Lieutenants, and VERY few seated Shinigami/Rogue Shinigami only.

Bankai Abilities: Reserved for Captains, reliable Lieutenants, and VERY few seated Shinigami/Rogue Shinigami only.

Kido: He is quite good with projectile offensive Kido, up to level 50


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