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The Stanford Prison Experiment

By Mattkemis
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Illustration of the forever brilliant fanfiction linked to above, inspired by the art of the not-quite-so-genius-but-also-very-good 'official illustrator' linked below:


I hope you like it. :) (The Name is derived from the chapters title in which the scene is dipicted)
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excellent work Casey! ^^
Love the way you potrayed Azkaban & Bellatrix.
also, I'm just a fan not official illustrator
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xD sure, but have you SEEN the list of fanart linked on Less wrongs page? its... basically just you ;)
dinosaurusgede's avatar
not anymore. there are more fan artists contributing their work and thats good ^^
which means more MoR fans
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your art still seems to be most represented, and is possibly the best (haven't looked at them all) also, I seem unable to contact him. the note got sent, but he hasn't reacted or anything to that affect.
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thanks Casey ^^ I'm speechless.
Hmm, that's weird he didn't get the notes, maybe you should put 'Harry Potter and The Mathods of Rationality' in your art's keywords.
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28x = 0n (which implies:)
x = 0n
wherein x = Dinosaurusgede's words, and n = normal words

I can understand Dinosaurusgede, which implies I use the same words as her. therefor:

x = y

y = Catey's words.

following that:

y = x = 0n

but I know for a fact that 28y = 28n .

therefor (28n = 28y = 28x)/28 ≠ 0

it is clear we have made an error. On reinspection in becomes clear that speech(x) ≠ words(x) [that formula lies in the linquistics, which is unique for ever individual.]

For me, speech(y) = (words(y)/ b) = communication(x) .
Therefore if I were to say I am speechless: speech(x) = [0]
it would also imply that words(y) and communication(y) also = [0]

It is clear though that
(words(x) / b) = communication(x) ≠ speech(x) .

therefore while speech(x) = [0] , communication(x) and words(x) ≠ [0]

in fact, one can specify that communication is running: communication(x) = [1] and words(x) also: words(x) = [0<] this we know by counting the words and placing that number into b:

(words(x) /28) = communication(x) = 1
words(x) = [0<28]

hence, you were able to commune without using speech. much to the topic that you be speechless.
yes, maybe I should add those to the keywords^^
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........................ O_O

I'm sorry Casey, I don't think I can catch up with your equations. I think I should consult these equations with my English to Indonesia dictionary

Wow, Casey, you're really good at math/logic :D
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no I'm not, the equations themselves are simple, because that is all one can achieve going only with logic. But for it, I have a vast amount of skills with logic, which is part of the reason why I love the methods of rationality. do you know when the next chapter comes out?

and I'm still called catey^^
but by now I like you calling me Casey as a pet name, so don't change^^
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How strange, I don't see anything from you. Just now found this by searching DeviantArt. Try sentience at pobox dot com, and don't forget to include your desired cameo name.
Mattkemis's avatar
aren't you the person to speak to about fanart?
also, what exactly is a cameo?
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He is in fact the author. :P

Also, a cameo is this: [link] ...Basically, he'll name a character that shows up in a chapter after you (well, he'll name it whatever you want the character called).
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okay, so I send him a link to the artwork, and a cameo, and how do I send him that? via note? or what?
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