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I decided to offer another kind of commission along with the watercolor and vintage ones:

2.5 x 3.5 Sketch Card Commissions:

For $10 (+ $1.50 for shipping) you'll get one character of your choice (keep it PG rated) drawn in black and white with some gray tones added to them.

For $20 (+ $1.50 for shipping) you'll get one character of your choice (again, keep it PG rated) drawn and fully colored. You can see some examples of these full colored versions below.………………

All sketch card commissions are done on factory cut Strathmore cards.

Drop me a note or email me at if you're interested or have any questions.


Other Info


Watercolor Commissions:

For $15 (plus $2 for shipping) you'll get your choice of one character, with minimal background (similiar to this piece… ) on a 3x3 piece of watercolor board. Once i've finished it, i'll mail the original out to you. If you're interested just drop me a note.

I'm also up for bigger commissions so if you'd like something more like this… we can work out a price.


Vintage Commissions: For $30 you'll get one character of your choice, drawn and colored, with some vintage-ness added to make the whole piece feel like a 70's comic panel. After i'm done i'll send you the hi-res version. Note me if you're interested.

Here are some examples of what they'd look like:……………

*Commissions are intended for personal use only. If you'd like me work on something for your business please email or note me for a quote.*

On a side note, i'm thinking of putting together a book of all the Octo-ber entries (plus a few extras). I'd do it through Blurb so it would most likely be $20 for a 7x7 40 page softcover (i might also do a hardcover option). How many of you would be interested?

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Eric2Dimensions's avatar
Hey Matt, would you consider doing a pet commission? Maybe a 6"x6" watercolor on watercolor board? My dad has a Bernese Mountain dog and I'd like to have you draw her in your awesomely cute style. Let me know.
MattKaufenberg's avatar
Hey Eric, drop me an email (you can find it on my deviant homepage) and we'll talk!
SlaterDies's avatar
Dude, this commissions you did, WOW! So good! I'm a new fan.
levitzo's avatar
My band is putting out an EP later this summer.
I know most of these commissions are of specific characters, but would you be commissionable for album art?

Love your work, either way :]
MattKaufenberg's avatar
marthlovesroy's avatar
If I wasn't hurting for cash and doing commissions myself, I'd definitely raise my hand for both.
RalphNiese's avatar
i always like a special edition kind of thing which is called threadstitching where you can get this done by a bookbinder and can have it on all kinds of groovy paper. one fancy looking one is japanese version where can have it done with a bunch of one sided copies (no back) and the arranging is easy of it. hmm, i could talk my mouth fuzzy on this - here´s a worth to check link [link]
you´ll see there´s a bunch of stuff to make it look more special and handmade all arround.
MattKaufenberg's avatar
Thanks Ralph! I'll definitely look into that!
RalphNiese's avatar
:Dhaha, just cam to visit again my long advice-ly comment. and?
MattKaufenberg's avatar
I looked it over and i'm definitely interested in making something like that! Thanks for the info!
DudeMan1031's avatar
A hardcover coffee table book would be great.
MetalFrog's avatar
I'd absolutely love a copy of the Octobook. Hardcover preferably, but I'd certainly take a softcover.
MattKaufenberg's avatar
Awesome. I'll make a note of it. Thanks Keith!
Poopgoblyn's avatar
can you do digital coloring?
MattKaufenberg's avatar
cool-slayer's avatar
Unfortunatelly money's a little tight for me right now too, otherwise I'd commission you in a hearbeat! I loved your watercolor octopi (is that the right word?), they were fantastic. I wish you the best of lucks, I'm sure you'll get plenty of requests :)
MattKaufenberg's avatar
Thanks! And no worries...i know how it is:)

Glad you liked the octopi! I had a lot of fun creating them.
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