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The Trio of Terror

Wanted to color another piece by :iconkidnotorious:

I picked this and of course made a vintage comic cover out of it. I can't help's too much fun.

Lines: Charles Holbert Jr.
Colors/design: Me
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it would have been such a awesome comics...
I don't know if a vintage comic would have such vibrant, glowing colors on Hellboy's guantlet, but that said, you hit a home run on this. All the rest of the colors have that vintage feel to them...and this so looks like a real comic. The weathering. The "graffiti." Man...this has such a delicious flavor to it. Stellar work!
Thanks for sharing.
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Thank you so much! And you're right, that glow is out of place, but i thought it looked cool so I left it in:)
There's a lot to be said about leaving it the way you like! That's one of the main perks of being the actual artist! I see you have a "sub-gallery" of vintage covers. They absolutley rock!
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Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoy them:)
Oh my god, your works inspires me and I'm not even an artist lol.
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That's the greatest compliment i can get:) Thanks so much!!
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rly cool, love these characters.
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"Action Goodness"

Read that as a load of men in tights forcing confessions out of all manner of scum bags...
great use of typography. i really like the font you used for "more" and "featuring". can you tell me the name of this font plz?
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Hmm off the top of my head i'm not sure and the file is on a different computer. I'd check one of the free font sites and search for script fonts...i'm sure that's where i got it. If i get a chance to locate the original file i'll let you know!
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OK, these are just killin' me (but in a good way, LOL) there just way too cool. but I have to ask, do you print the picture and make it "vintage" or is it made to look "vintage" on the computer? As a comic collector, this raises some interesting topics of conversation...
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Thanks so much!

I take old worn covers from my personal collection, scan them into photoshop and make them fit the piece i'm working on.
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That's just so cool...
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This si the coolest cover I have seen on Deviant Art. Kudos!
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Well that's quite a compliment! Thanks so much:)
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This is really nice. I am going to have to commission you to do a gun ghoul cover like this one. Some really cool colors and idea.
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