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Incredible Hulk LP

Saw this sketch of Hulk [link] by ~LostonWallace and had to throw some colors on it.

I decided to ink it first since i wanted to practice that a bit and i'm happy with how it turned out. I took a few liberties, especially with his face...hopefully you don't mind too much Loston;)

I'm also going to post just the inks.

Drawing by :iconlostonwallace:
Inks/Colors/Design by Me

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invademyprivacy's avatar
Its the single for this [link]
MattKaufenberg's avatar
Ha! That's awesome. Thanks for the link:)
invademyprivacy's avatar
No prob, I thought you would enjoy!
TedKimArt's avatar
Haha, love this one Matt!
melies's avatar
Brilliant...I'd buy that!
HeadsUpStudios's avatar
I LOVE THIS!!!! Excellent job, Matt! :D
ChrisMcJunkin's avatar
Awesomeness! I'm lovin' the record album concept and the art is kickin'!
LostonWallace's avatar
Looks pretty good, man!

MattKaufenberg's avatar
Thanks! Glad you approve:)
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Thanks Robb! Glad you like it!
RobbVision's avatar
no problem bud!! how are things?
MattKaufenberg's avatar
Things are going great! I'm going to send ya a note soon so we can catch up on the little ones.
RalphNiese's avatar
"Stompin´ Ya Face" and the guitarsolo of FingFangFoom on the live bonus track are awesome!
MattKaufenberg's avatar
harmonyrose's avatar
Honey, This is so awesome!!! I love everything you did to it, especially the record idea, brilliant! HA!
shanesemler's avatar
I imagine him sounding like StrongMad singing. XD
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