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My Bio
Matthew has autism and has a great love for art. He started at a very young age with drawing creatures because of his love for dinosaurs then used his imagination to create creatures with different parts of their bodies changes, example: a snake body with a dragon head. Autism is a broad spectrum so each person is unique in their own way but most are fanatical about certain items, songs, movies etc... Matt is fanatical about Aladdin, especially the scene where Aladdin is gagged and chained then thrown off a cliff. Most here ask him if he has a fetish which is something he doesn't understand so please refrain from asking him this.
Matt creates amazing drawings and comics. He came upon this page via searching the web for pictures and was very excited that he found a page where he could talk to people and see other peoples drawings. He doesn't know how to read and write but he has an app on his iPad for him to be able to write to you and read what you do say :)
Please be kind to Matt as it is a very long process for him to do requests especially when he types up stories and doesn't know how to read or write.
Matt is very passionate about his art and makes an effort to respect everyone's artwork on here.
Thank you if you took the time to read this and most importantly, be kind and respectful.

Favourite Movies
Aladdin, My little mermaid, Sleeping beauty
Favourite TV Shows
My little pony, Sally Bollywood, Sea Princess, Adventure time
Favourite Games
Scooby Doo, Jurassic Park, The Simpsons, My little Pony
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Prince Ali, in Love princess Jasmine and going out a Date, and Ride on Magic Carpet, going out See the New World, and they gone, and Razoul Not Happy the Prince, and Razoul Ask 3 man Kidnapped Prince, Razoul got Planned prince Ali, and Razoul, 4 man Tied up the Elephant, and Wait prince come Back, and they come Back long Date, they went home up on the Balcony, and prince Ali and princess Jasmine, and they Good Night Each other, they Kiss Each Other, they both Done the kiss, and she walk in, and his Smile With Her! princess Jasmine Smile With Him, she going in, his say YESSSSSS, and prince So Happy, and his Lie down on the Magic Carpet, Going Down in the Ground, Both arms Behind his Back, and his say The First time in my life, and Starting to go Right, and prince Ali first Kiss, but 4 man Grabbed Him pink him up, and his say, Hey, Let me GO, and Hold him Down, and Both Arms Behind his Back, and the man Cover his mouth, HMMMMMM! and pink him up, and his Ankles
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Hello Everybody I been Thinking, I give you 10 pictures, and you like, just Draw them you like, and only 9 pictures, and make them Better or different, just 10 them Only, just ask, and you want make Different, just tell me, and I give you A+ Tell me
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Hello everyone, I do Commissions,Don t worry I do requests and Art Trades, and Write a Story, and you want to Buy my art, and 3 Art, and who want buy this, don t worry in my shop, and I got 12 pictures Commissions, take a look my Shop, you like? and this, and this, Someone ask me Commissions, just say, yes, or no, OK,
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How about this? Can you make a story involving that?

Linda Gunderson Underwater Peril

Did you see my Adagio Dazzle Walk The Plank Art in color?

Good morning Matt

Check this Adaigo Dazzle Damsel Art Matt where she gets walked on the Plank by the Pirates

Adagio Walk The Plank Colored Version

Dazzle art

Thanks for the Star