Wing Snack
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Not much else to say.

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RainbowHeartPony|Hobbyist General Artist
Rainbow Dash (snow pony) plz - "Ever since I was a tiny foal, I'd chew on my wing. Now it's just something I do occasionally in my free time.

Makes me feel safe, like being a little baby again in my mother's soft, gentle hooves."
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Snake557|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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deli73123|Student General Artist
It's called preening. ;)
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... <3 /)
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Oh my gosh! This has to be the cutest picture of Rainbow Dash I've ever seen:heart:!
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thats freakin adorble
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Creampuffz21|Student Digital Artist
Oh my god - OMG  awwwwwwww so cute but its still.... I guess.... cannibalism?
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DontJudgeMeByMySockz|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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SEE-EM-DEE's avatar
I wanna die n come back as a Pegasi so I can lay back on a cloud and preen my wings being cute as this.
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MiryamDraws| General Artist
Cute Heart Love excited 
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TsubasaTheNightFury|Student Digital Artist
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ChristineKapsalaki|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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ArchaicSpark|Student Traditional Artist
:iconnomplz:  :iconnomplz:  :iconnomplz:  :iconnomplz:  :iconnomplz:  :iconnomplz:  :iconnomplz:  :iconnomplz: :iconnomplz:  :iconnomplz:  :iconnomplz:  :iconnomplz:  :iconnomplz:  :iconnomplz:  :iconnomplz:  :iconnomplz: 
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Humans nibble their finger nails while Pegasus nibble their feathers.
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FanaticPanda|Student General Artist
Is that yummy dashie?
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ProPegasister|Student General Artist
I just like to chew on things...
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Looks like shes still a young phily wonderin why her wings cant be tucked in . my how facinating
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Yummy feathers!
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