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October 29, 2008
" This creation is ful lof meaning: Africa & solidarity. Poignant! Vibrant! "

Poverty in Africa by ~Mattie7777
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Suggested by karemelancholia
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Poverty in Africa

Make poverty history, not just in Africa but everywhere!

A great competition! Please all have a look!

Thank you so much to Kare for the DD! And thank you everyone for the kind comments!
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Well, I'll be the first to say that this is my most serious toned critique so far...let's see what up!
At first, when I saw this piece, I thought it was a little cheesy in that the artist had made bold the three words while showing the outline of Africa. But as I got closer, I noticed that they were words picked out from news reports and done so in a manner that didn't seem copy paste simple! As for the piece itself, it's simple, to the point and gives a message that everyone's heard, but not listened to, if that makes sense.

In the end, this is an actually charitable and considerate piece of art that doesn't try to blow your f*cking mind with detail at first glance. But rather, act like a story book in that it developes the closer you get into the heart of it.
Bravo. <img src="…" width="20" height="20" alt=":clap:" title="Clap" />
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+++ bravo
join me at behance network :
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This is beautiful, but the only way of reducing poverty is by empowering women. But this never happens because you have cultural and religious (notably Christian) maniacs standing in the way.
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featured on my other account here [link]
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I want to buy this on a T-shirt.
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I have done t-shirts in the past but as I did a small order they were quite expensive! :(
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Darn...I would have only paid about 10 bucks.
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:( I know its silly price, If i got a bulk done they could go down to a tenner I expect but I doubt I could sell than many!
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You know, there are places that will print t-shirts for cheaper, I think they're just harder to find. If the price ever goes down, don't forget to note me ;)
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I feel so much sympathy and compassion for these poor people :(
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♥ What a fantastic job. c:
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Thank you very much :)
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hello! congrats on winning the Solidarity Contest; you won a journal feature from me but at that time my subscription expired and I never got to renew it. I'm so sorry about the huge delay but here it is: [link]
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Thanks very much :)
Hi again,

I forgot the most important question:
How did you chose the words that are written on the African continent?

thanks for letting me know :-)
I'm interested to analyze this piece of art for one of my academic papers. Could you tell me in which context you made this 'make poverty history'-piece of art? Do you have any comment on this work of yours? Who do you want to address with it? In which ways has it been used (exhibitions, as advertisement etc.)?
Thanks for giving me more details. :-)
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Im glad you have taken an interest! I made this piece of work as a personal piece after seeing a programme about poverty and just had the idea. I don't have many comments as such just I hope this piece speaks to people in ways that photos and images don't, I wanted the image to use typography and language to get the subject across.
Can I ask what do you mean by who do I want to address with it?
This work has been used for a Uni project and was exhibited on T-shirts and Posters and also used in competitions on here.

Hi Matt,
thanks for replying. Could you be a bit more explicit: what kind of program was it which made you come up with the idea for this work (documentary about a specific country, Africa in general, poverty in general)? Is your idea related to the British campaign "make poverty history"?
What I wanted to know with my question is: what do you want to achieve with this piece of art (make people donate money to humanitarian organizations? make people aware that there are poor people? etc) and which people do you want to reach with your message (everyone, politicians, people from western countries etc?)

May I ask for what kind of Uni project it has been used? For what kind of competitions have you used it?

In order to make a detailed analysis for my paper, I would also need some more details about you, if you don't mind... Could you let me know, what you are studying? I see on your profile that you're from UK, is that right? Could I know your age? Do you get involved with other "things" (e.g. member of an organization, support humanitarian projects) related to fight poverty?

Thanks a lot for your time :-)

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It was a program about Poverty in Africa and it really touched me and yes it is based on the British campaign make poverty history. I did this because it would grab more attention and is a worldwide campaign that everyone knows about!
This piece is meant to just cause awarness but in a different way to other videos and images that are on the internet, instead of using images I wanted to just use typography but still cause the same emotions. There is no specific target audience I just wanted everyone that looks at it to feel a bit of emotion even if it is just for one second!
It was used in a uni project where we could create literally anything so I decided to use this piece of work and create my own campaign with banners, posters and t-shirts.
I have put this into one competiton last year and came 3rd and that was about poverty around the world.

Well my names Matt Miller, I am 19 and I am from the UK. Currently studying Graphic Design. No I dont get involved with such thinks to create poverty because I dont like pushing things on people, I belive if someone doesnt want to help you cannot make them!

I choose the words by thinking how I would conjure up the life of poverty suffers from what I have seen on TV and my own knowledge of the subject

Any chance I will be able to see the finished product you are creating?

Hi Matt,

Thanks a lot for the information. Yes of course, I can send you my paper when I'm done. I have to hand it in on 18 May. Is there an email-address I can send it to?

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That sounds great, yes my email is:

Thanks and Good luck!
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