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I love him <3 he is Isaac's older brother ;; A sexy vampire you see...
Lil gift for 
my beloved friend Zeilyan <3

If you want to support me, please check out the link. Thank you 
Pikachu want it
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HammerinInkminer's avatar he a vampire elf?, or is this just how you design the look of your vampires in general?.. ...nice work either way.

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Sexy!!!! Oh my!

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He's beautiful~ Really lovely shading and musculature~!
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he looks ok and even cool, i suppose
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Wow! What a handsome man! Big Fool Emoji-06 (Blush) [V2] 
His face (and body, of course Lenny Eyebrow Wiggle ) reminds me so much of Trafalgar Law's. Artimist - Blush / Embarrassed / Shy / Stuttering Excited Blush 
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Te luciste ♥
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Está guapísimo! Bello! La cara... el cuerpazo! :faint: Ese cabello tan lindo, y las texturas en todo. Se le refresca la vista a uno mirándolo. :D
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Beautiful and sexy :love:
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As always: Your Art is something very Special. :) Keep up the good work. ^_^
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He looks badass !
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fuck yeah! he's gorgeous :love:. i'd let him suck my blood, and i'd reciprocate *cough* :devil:
Zeilyan is a lucky person ^^
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Sooooo pretty! Wow!
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YAAAWWWWW ... Pixel Icon: Ink-Heart (F2U!) 
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