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.:Sonic OC:. The Yellow Sparks. by 3D-Xecution .:Sonic OC:. The Yellow Sparks. :icon3d-xecution:3D-Xecution 286 76
A Year On DA, Some Thoughts
I wasnt sure if I was going to do anything for a year anniversary, 
I was any bit sentimental about this page or website I would have had a contest, raffle, something like that. 
But instead I want to unload some truths onto you all, especially the younger artists here. There has been some things I've learned and if I could have a moment of your time, you may learn something from this. Keep an open mind is all I'm asking. Thank you. 
Stop worshipping the ground your idols walk on. 
Really. Stop it. 
They are not these goddesses/gods. They are no better than any of you. Some of them have issues, have bad days, can be the upmost jackasses. 
They can have so much drama- too much than just someone on their own. These people live their lives surrounded by fake friends, fake smiles, fake laughter and fun. 
Am I being pessimistic? Overdramatic? At times I think I am, but I know for a fact that these people dont deserve the love
:iconpanrill:Panrill 29 22
Alvania The Hedgehog by Arung98 Alvania The Hedgehog :iconarung98:Arung98 42 17
Icon Commissions Slots Closed (New styles)
Heeyy…Im out from under my rock and I'm trying to help my friend once more with some things still. I know I said before that the previous commissions would be my last but to be honest I think I'll be here as long as I can help my friend out. 
So If you could lend a hand that would be- absolutely amazing. Thank you. 
Here is a little list to fill out when your ordering your commission~!
(Also Im only accepting Paypal right now <3) 
Commission Style : 
Characters (s) : 
Expression : 
Background type (?) : 
If you have any other details just please list them under the list so I know :thanks:
Here is what I'm offering for you lovely people ~
A normal bust shot + animated icon : $14
+ (Extra character/icon is $8 so your saving $6 on another icon <3)
:iconpanrill:Panrill 3 2
Commissions [update]
Hi there!
Here's my commission journal, with all the available examples of art and prices.
I accept points and PayPal!
Status: ON HOLD | I open commissions in September (:
1. Only halfbody - $15 / 1500 points | *Full colored - $20 / 2000 points
traditional, black lineart, outline, cell-shade, colored areas [optional], any decor [e.g. flowers, stars etc.]
2. -I've to think about prices-
3. Halfbody - $7 / 700 points, fullbody - $10 / 1000 points

traditional, colored lineart, outline, cell-shade, any decor [e.g. cigarettes, phones]
4. Halfbody - $3 / 300 points, fullbody - $6 / 600 points
:iconvixenniru:Vixenniru 35 104
BUY MY ART PLEASE (Open Commissions!!!)
I think my talent has reached high enough a level of mediocrity, that I will attempt drawing things for anyone who wants it Heart  I have a lot of expenses to manage this year, so this is my shot at working to alleviate some of them~

5$ (or 625Points ) Colored Sketch-- Will be of the upper body, fairly clean sketch with flat colors (minimal highlights and shading if I feel like it could use it) Basic background color to make the figure pop!
More Examples: 

10$ (or 1250
:iconames-upside-down:AMES-UPSIDE-DOWN 8 6
Commissions are open
Hello everyone. I'm making this journal to let everyone know that I am now taking commissions. I really want to get back into the swing of drawing while at the same time wanting  to help my family out as much as I can. So it really would mean a lot if you would considering buying a commission from me.
Please note that I accept Points, PayPal or a combination of the two.
With that being said, here are my prices.


Headshot - $1/100:points:
Half Body - $5/500:points:
Full Body - $8/800:points:


Headshot - $1.50/150:points:
Half Body - $6.50/650:points:
Full Body - $10/1000:points:

Flat Color

Headshot - $2/200:points:
Half Body - $7.50/750:points:
Full Body - $12/1200:points:

:iconprototypetheory:PrototypeTheory 14 81
PayPal/Point Commissions//Open
HHH I am in need of money, so I'm opening these :"D
PayPal is preferred; 
-Sonic FCS/OCS
-LGBT+ couples
-Simple backgrounds
-Offensive/Hateful Art
-Stolen/Recolored characters
-Detailed backgrounds (I need more practice)
-Overly-complicated characters
If I haven't listed something here that you are unsure of, feel free to ask! ❤
Sketch 7$/700
+Additional character 4$/400
Lineart 15$/1500
+Additional character 6$/600
+One color 2$/200
+Flat color 5$/500
Full Color 27$/2700
:iconshanzehpoo:Shanzehpoo 45 38
Aaand I'm back! Had kind of a rough time this year so now I really need money! I don't want to get dramatic here, but lately my parents have started to act really abusive to me, so now I'm about to work hard to leave for a new life as soon as possible!!
Bullet; Green  I draw:
- sonic characters/pony characters/humans/anthro/furry/ask

Bullet; Red  I don't draw:

- Extra gore

Bullet; Blue  Ask:

- romantic couples
- guns/weaponry
- vehicles
Fullbody only - 20 USD
extra character  +20 USD


Fullbody only - 30 USD

extra character  +30 USD

:icondebrodis:debrodis 4 3
(OPEN) POINT Commissions
Hi! I'm opening commissions for this style only! They will be for only SINGLE characters and they are half bodies!
I'd love to support a friend but I don't have the funds to do so.
 There will be no refunds for these commissions, and there will e a slightly longer wait for these. Basically the same rules in my other commission journal. 
In the style below!

They will be 1000 points with a little extra depending on how complex your character is. I'll be opening 3 slots for this. Thanks for reading!
Details: +50-500
1. VocalGamer360
Thanks for reading! Got any questions? Feel free to ask!
:iconautomaxie:Automaxie 3 12
-Phoenix Hart the Vixen- by Innocent-Black-Lace -Phoenix Hart the Vixen- :iconinnocent-black-lace:Innocent-Black-Lace 40 14 Rainbow Diamond For RainbowDiamond-SMP by Silverxtreme56 Rainbow Diamond For RainbowDiamond-SMP :iconsilverxtreme56:Silverxtreme56 13 12
Character Bio: Molly Ketty (IDW Sonic Version)
Full Name: Molly Ketty the Magical Cat
Species: Magical Cat
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Body Color: Brown, orange, black and red (tip of tail only)
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Blue
Attire: Light blue top with blue collier and pink button,
Orange shorts, White gloves with light green rings,
Yellow, purple and grey shoes with red socks, Green hair bow
Alignment: Good/Neutral
Likes: Her sister and best friend, Being able to do what she wants,
Antagonizing Sonic and his friends for fun
Dislikes: People who are mean to her sister and best friend,
Seeing her sister upset and cry, People who are trying to steal her diamond,
People getting in her way, Getting yelled at, People giving her orders,
Infinite, Dr. Eggman, Shadow and Rouge (to a degree)
Favorite Food and Beverages: All meat and fish produces, Cherries,
Ice cream, Cherry smoothies, Cherry soda, Chocolate milk, Water
Sister: Valery the Magical Cat
Best Friend: Kerstin the Cat
Secret Crush: Knuckles the Echidna
Rivals: Sonic the Hedgehog, Am
:iconmollyketty:MollyKetty 11 2
Commission Prices by MollyKetty Commission Prices :iconmollyketty:MollyKetty 21 0
.: Commissions / OPEN :.
Hello Everybody, I thought I wouldn't have time for commissions but that was just a fake alarm.
.: Please don't send the payment if I haven't confirmed it :.

- ONLY Paypal or Points
- You must send the payment BEFORE I start
- No refunds, once you send the payment I WILL make your commission. (Unless there's a problem for me)
- Please send me the reference (or a pic) of your OC(s). If it isn't clear or I have no interest on your character, I simply won't accept your commission
-You can send a pose reference and/or expression that you want on your character.
- Take in mind this list of stuff I can draw and I can't draw:
  Bullet; Green I Can Draw:
Anthro/Furries  Sonic StyleHumans 
Soft NSFWOfficial Characters
  Bullet; Red I Can't Draw:
Robots/Mechanical stuffHentai/YiffDetailed backgrounds (Yet... Sorry :c)Feral furryOther stuff (You can ask)
:iconhazeker:Hazeker 6 0
Hey guys im back! and i am feeling alot better about stuff! ive been quite busy but now i have time to do some more roleplaying ( woo!) so if you are interested i have a whole new sheet of fandoms and rules WITH my yeah read it! and if you are interested in Rping contact me!
Link :
:iconsonic2663:sonic2663 1 1

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by Wolfzen

First Critique for a new Critique request maker, time for me to have my fun :D Vision: 4.5 / 5: I'm used to Critiquing Sonic the Hedgeho...

Right so, after several failed attempts to write a critique without getting into trouble and the website being blocked on school server...

just a quick note, i'm planning to critique your 'open your heart' Deviation, it's just having the time to do so! Other than that, Let'...

Critique time for Madness! oh joy! :D On something as simple as a Super Form with no background it won't be as easy to make good ssumpti...


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Matticusmadness's Profile Picture
Madness the Hedgefox
United Kingdom
Time changes many things. There's a good chance that this is still in progress. Then again, many things are always in progress. Through time and space, many things remain unfinished and are a continuously 'in development' project. A good example? You. For example, those of you who say you're 'depressed' will one day realise that you're not actually depressed. (Thank an old friend for proving that one.)

So what of me?

Here I'll just go by MM, unless you know me another way.
That profile icon and photo above is my main Sonic character Madness the Hedgefox, as drawn by good ol :iconluvsonicfreak: , last seen as :iconsonicbvb:
If you RP decently, sure, i'm open to notes! I'm also operating out of somewhere else that'll be open soon, so updates to come on that one.

:icontplz::iconhplz::iconeplz: :iconcplz::iconrplz::iconeplz::iconwplz:

:iconamzinoji: - The go to guy of the crew of any of my assumptions on the working world. The fact that he has employment in his past speaks wonders, no? He's time and time again proven his ability, capability, and, on a whim, I'm glad to have ya on board dude!

:iconsonicbvb: A girl i've known since 2011 and actually find to still be really great! She may have been gone from DA for ages, but that doesn't mean she was ever forgotten.

:iconrandomer768: - A pretty fun gal, popped up during Spotlight, had a few good threads with her, disappeared for a while but came back recently. Still as enjoyable as she used to be it seems.

:iconshuball: -BECAUSE HE IS THE ELEMENTAL CUPCAKE OF ALL THINGS SHCARTZOPHRENIAN. And because he leaves me laughing every time.

Reckon you should be here? Drop me a line.

Free Visitor Maps at
Get a FREE visitor map for your site!

One more thing by the way.
"BOOOOOOOOAT!" - Atilla the Hun, Skatoony Season 1 Episode 13,

Happily in a relationship stamp by QueenWerandra MINI Cooper JCW by rhin-sowilo Meaningful comments stamp by dazza1008
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Requested by Matticusmadness by KiraiMirai
What Role Do You Play In An Anime?
What Role Do You Play In An Anime?
Hosted By Anime

Excalibur Sonic by QTStartheHedgehog
"There's nothing Excalibur can't cut through."
(Great piece by Qtstarthehedgehog, qtstarthehedgehog.deviantart.c… )
  • Listening to: The sound Steam makes when a new message comes in.
  • Reading: This Journal, it kinda makes sense, no?
  • Watching:
  • Playing: Well I last had Transformice on.
  • Eating: I last had some MOD Pizza pizza.
  • Drinking: I believe it was Orange Squash.
So this thing. It's all :iconarteest76:'s fault that you're all about to be entertained (hopefully) by this. Blame her! Shower her in art faves and commission purchases and... well you get the idea.
Something something rules, 13 things about self, answer 13 questions made by tagger and make 13 questions, tag 13- oh who am I kidding. NO TAGS! Too bad for the original creator that i'm more often than not, a jackass these days, well, according to some anyway, so i'm doing my own roll of the dice here. Don't like it? PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER, MAN!

1. I used to do quite a share of drawing n stuff back in the later years of school.
2. I actually have an old story I did, like, 13 chapters on between 2009 and 2011, No you CAN'T VIEW THE DAMN THING! All i've got left of it is a paper copy! I have NO IDEA what happened to the digital versions...
3. I'm quite 'not fond' of the 'different teams' aspect of Team Fortress 2 since Doomsday seemed to vanish. MvM is all I ever do on TF2 these days, unless of course someone asks me to join her on it.
4. Futurama. Love it.
5. Takeshi's Castle. Love that too. If you don't know what Takeshi's Castle is, you are to stop reading this, and go watch this. DO IT! And thank me later. I accept cake, savings cards for Smyths Toys and Monopoly sets as forms of gratutitous gratefulness.
6. I have never seen the Lion King.
7. Top Gear. The old ones with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. Also fantastic.
8. I am really bad at keeping communications up with some friends. And I can name at least one friend who seems to spot it. (If your main character is called 'Brianna', yes, I may be referencing you. :P )
9. I actually have a certificate somewhere for a course on 'Emergency First Aid at Work' dontcha know! Unfortunately it's... not valid anymore and I don't remember any of that stuff.
10. Between a PlayStation 2, an Xbox 360 and a PlayStation 3. The PlayStation 2 has the most games.
11. I'm qualified to be an accountant, well, partially, but one qualification allows you to class yourself as one, and I almost landed a job as one! Second choice of the employer for the vacancy.
12. Beyblade. Actually I really like that too.
13. I got bored of trying to answer these, so decided to do this as the 13th and final fact about me.

And now for Giga- sorry, Arteest's, questiorinos.

1. Apple or Orange?
2. Dark or Bright colors?
Bright. Unless it's the light. Cos that might not be right, as you might take flight.
3. If you could have three items for the rest of your life, what would they be?
A Genie, unlimited wishes for said genie, and the ability to murder every chav or otherwise moronic / unhygenic / undesirable person I come across, without getting in trouble.
4. Favorite oc of yours if you have one?
Once upon a time, it was Madness. Then when Spotlight came around, it became Fem, now i'm not so sure, but Alt tends to be the... one that can pop up into any situation with a comment and not get the boot. Does that count?
5. Sexiest or funniest picture you've drawn?
This. Probably.
6. Who's your role model if you have one?
Summing this one down to one person? Uh... ... ...I'm beat.
7. Nintendo or Sega and why?
Didntcha hear? SEGA does what Nintendont. Besides, what's a plumber who jumps around, if the opposition is a hedgehog that can just jump up and cut right through em?
8. What kind of characters appeal to you?
Ones who's writers aren't f**kin morons.
9. What's your worst habit?
My intense hatred of too many things perhaps?
10. Best piece of art you've drawn so far?
Well, it's between two pieces, and it's this one. YES, I know the comments in it are stupid as the dumbest person you know, but this was 2011! We all had stuff we look at and think "Why have I not killed that guy yet?" back then, right? Or is that just me?
11. Favorite kind of animal? (birds, mammals, etc)
Dogs that destroy all the cats.
12. Cats or Dogs?
See Question 11.
13. On a Scale from 1-10, 10 being extemely kind, how nice or helpful am I to you? Its ok! Be honest.
Only on the merit of kindness, 7 or 8.

I have to throw some questions together now, don't I?

1. Chocolate?
2. Ratchet? or Clank?
3. Do you prefer to be asleep? Or up and out places?
4. Burger? or Pizza?
5. Jeremy Clarkson? Richard Hammond? Or James May?
6. Inspector Gadget? Or Wacky Races?
7. Cereal? or Toast?
8. HOW'D HE DO THAT?! or are you engulfed in a TREE?
9. NSFW. Good? Or does it have no place with you?
10. Favourite meme?
11. Submarine? or Boat?
12. How much wood could a woodchucker chuck if a woodchucker could chuck wood to twice the rate of chucking that a woodchucker could chuck wood if a woodchucker could chuck wood?
13. 1963 Volkswagen Beetle? Or 1965 Mini Cooper?

I lied about the no tags thing.
Hey :iconamaryiiis: , how do you feel about tags? :3
Of course :icondessert-dingo: you're getting one.
:iconamzinoji: am I confusing people or do you do these?
And of course, :iconarteest76: can have this right back with my questions to do, because that's what I do. o3o


Matticusmadness has started a donation pool!
38 / 240
For those of you who feel that something like a point donation to a random (or maybe not so random and was pre-decided) deviant is an act of moral empowerment, and is something that, :iconbigsmokeplz::iconsaysplz:that way, you can feel good about yoself, while listenin to this music!:iconsayscapplz:
By all means every point is welcome and you get a big ol :iconbluspyplz::iconsaysplz: You have done well!:iconsayscapplz: to every point that you donate.
Or not, I didn't really have a point on putting this thing up except that I wanted to replace the panel that I took down and all the other ones I wanted to put up are PREMIUM stuffs...

You must be logged in to donate.
  • :iconnerdynova:
    Donated Oct 12, 2017, 8:37:10 PM
  • :iconcyanmadness:
    Donated Jun 30, 2016, 3:58:31 AM
  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Deviant
    Donated Oct 16, 2015, 8:20:15 AM



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I Love You So Much and I'm sure this two year anniversary is sure to grow in number as the years go on.
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