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I'm back again with yet another robot illustration/concept. This time I wanted to create a concept for how Ultron might look in the next Avengers movie. This is just from my imagination and I really don't have any proof about anything, haha. :p
My ideas behind the concept:
What do we know about the next Avengers movie? Well; we know that Ultron will most likely be the main  villain. I originally thought that Thanos would be the bad guy but it doesn't seem that way. According to Joss Whedon, Ultron isn't going to be created by Hank Pym (Ant Man) as is in the comics. This makes me believe that Ultron, in this movie, will be created by Tony Stark. I'm thinking that Jarvis will be Tony's replacement in the Iron Man suit 'cause it didn't seem like Tony, as of the end of Iron Man 3, wanted to be Iron Man any more. Since Jarvis is an AI, I find it very likely that he will go rouge and ultimately become Ultron. On his mission to restore order to chaos for the good of humanity, he will come to the conclusion that the best way of saving mankind is by destroying it. This will force Tony out of retirement and back into the Avengers.
The Concept:
I'm thinking that Ultron will be in a pimped out Iron Man suit with lots of gadgets etc. That's why I decided to base him on just that; an Iron Man suit. I wanted to keep some of the traditional elements of Ultron from the comics though, so I designed the suit to also resemble the original version of him; especially with the helmet. In the comics Ultron is very shiny and almost seems to have the same surface of his body as the Silver Surfer. That, in my opinion, would look horrible on screen so I decided to scrap all the sparkle and bling, keeping only some areas shiny. The rest of him has more of a matte, brushed metal-ish finish. I kept the design of the armor bulky enough to endure a good beating, but slim enough for him to be agile.

I hope you guys enjoy! Please leave a comment if you like! <3
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in the end ultron doesnt that much similar to iron man
but if only his mouth would open like this, it would be beyond awesome…
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Ultron: Do you build...a snowman?

*suddenly, a snowstorm starts erupting in the middle of New York*

Black Widow: A snowstorm?

Hawkeye: I don't get it, every weather forecast indicated a sunny day...

*suddenly, several streams of snow shoot at Ultron at machine-gun speed, making him back away. All the surrouding buildings gets covered in ice*

*a white streak shoots towards Ultron. The streak is revealed to be Jack Frost, who tackles Ultron and starts wailing on him mercilessly*


*Iron Man and Captain America grab Jack Frost and restrain him as tears cover Jack Frost's eyes*

Jack Frost: No...not her...not Elsa...not my Elsa...:tears:

Iron Man: Woa, kid, easy there...

Captain America: Yeah, we can handle this, just....relax.

Jack Frost: Don't let him hurt her...don't let him hurt Elsa...please...:tears:

Iron Man: Don't worry, we won't let him hurt her or anyone else.

*as Iron Man and Captain America let Jack Frost go, he flies back towards North's workshop* 

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Well, we know what he looks like in the new film xD 
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Yeah now we know how he looks. :P Far cooler than my version tbh.
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Naaah, your version still has the awesome grin!
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I was first confused by the ending of Iron Man 3 but your ideas behind the concept makes to me sense a lot cause to me thats the only way why tony would come back to the Avengers/jumps back in the suit.
Anyways awesome work! As all your works are I especially like the Iron Man pieces very detailed and realistic
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Thank you! :) I think the official synopsis for the film is out and I was half right about my idea I believe. :P
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Awesome. Here's hoping Ultron looks like this in the upcoming movie.
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Yeah it would be kinda cool! But I'm sure they will screw it up somehow. :P
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I try to have just a bit more faith then that. Of course then again they did horribly butcher Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver's duds, so there is that.
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well scarlet witch looks good, but quicksilver's look is still up to debate
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Uh, no, I'd say both of their outfits are tripe and in fact the Scarlet Witch one is the worse of the two in my mind. So, bloody...bland. So bland. I hate it when they go the street-clothes route. I really do.
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Hahah! :-) We will have to wait and see.
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His armor looks more like its made of Adamantium.
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Great piece of work!
Thanks for sharing...
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Now just imagine him with James Spader's voice. :D
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Wow man Amazing!
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personally I would love to see ultron be a separate creation if for no reason other than jarvis to eventually develop into the vision.
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works for me..... you get yer crate 'o favs  for this one...
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Your idea of the concept is nice, but you're missing out some details.

The end scene of the Avengers with Thanos, is a cosmic threat, this is actually the villain for Guardians Of The Galaxy (this is referenced "cosmic threats" for the description of Guardians Of The Galaxy movie plot).

In Iron Man 3, the kid that Tony Stark meets tells Tony that he could add these gadgets into his armour that would make him become stealthy, which Tony Stark says "You know what? That's not a bad idea". Unfortunately we don't see the stealth mode for the rest of the movie.

At the end of Iron Man 3, Tony destroys all of his suits, and has surgery which removes his chest reactor (so Iron Man no longer exists).

However, one suit survived. The Iron Patriot suit.

So I believe that in the Avengers 2, the Iron Patriot suit becomes Ultron, which Jarvis turns against everyone and becomes evil (perhaps the government gave Jarvis more intelligence and a mind of its own in an attempt to create a new Iron Man which Tony Stark destroyed in Iron Man 3).

Therefore, the Avengers Assemble again, and Tony Stark creates the Stealth suit (referenced in Iron Man 3) which is Black and Gold, and because Tony Stark had surgery, the suit uses more power now that it doesn't act as a life support machine.

I may be completely wrong, but that would explain all of the loose ends.

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