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A Sci-Fi Scene derived from the DAZ Sci-Fi Warrior Bundle:…

G2 Has been replaced bt Olympia with Jewel Hair. The skin has been tweaked using CalladsEssence Gen2F Skin settings by Callad. The shoes are from red-creations. Materials have been tweaked by me.

Toolchain: DAZ Studio 4.7 -> Reality 2.5 -> LuxRender 1.4RC2 -> Photoshop
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A very nice render! The lighting is excellent.
mattiascibien's avatar
Thank you so much :) Check out my others too :)
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Great render and amazing character :-)
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Thank you so much. Check out the others I made. I am always looking for feedback :)
neoanderson79's avatar
I will it's a pleasure to view nice works :-)
LotteHerSecrets's avatar
Oh! This is VERY nice! :D
mattiascibien's avatar
Thank you. I have also tweaked the skins using the settings you provided. :) many thanks for that (adding this do the description)
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Yeah, beautiful work, great material tweaks & render. Well done Clap 
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Thank you. I think I will also do another take of this with Reality 4 and better Latex Materials :)

Many thanks for the heels. They are cool even if the laces have some spots with different colors. Fixed in postwork anyways :)
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Glad you like it. :)   Hehe, yes there are some some spots, because there are double sided. But i am happy to see they also work on Olympia too. I have only G2f & V6. Playing with the smoothing modifier parameters can help maybe, i dont know.
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Thank you. I'll definetly check with the next render. 
RROMMELL's avatar
Like them shoes and lace, where you get them?
mattiascibien's avatar
 thery are made by red-creations and they can be found here:…
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Great looking render, and i really love her make-up, it looks awesome :nod:
mattiascibien's avatar
Thank you Ikke46 :)
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I like her legs.
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