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the Red Dino

By MattiasA
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one of your best work!
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I love the way you do your drawings, it's so cool! Amazing!
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Wooooo very impressive
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out of curiosity how big is this?
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it'one of my favourite draw of all time
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I wish I had your skills! You're amazing!
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Huge fan of your city-scapes.

Tell me, are all your perspectives free-hand best guesses? I can see errors, but the whole thing just works so bloody well.

As ever, in total awe of your work (and have been since first seeing it on years ago).
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This is pure guess work, it's like an old European town, it's not planned rather evolved
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I'm a fan of old school black and white art and this is absolutely awsome!
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Absolutely brilliant!
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HA that's fantastic :D
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This is amazing. That black sky makes it all pop. Carbon pen?
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I so want this to be a real place so I can visit.
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Your style always makes me happy, it's so beautiful and nice and it makes me imagine a lot of things. you inspire me everytime and thank you for that.
I would like one day to be as creative as you are
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Man, your drawings are a treat :love: It's always worth taking time over them to check out all the crazy details; I think the gucci gunslinger is my favourite this time!
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make a wallpaper nooooooow! :star:
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