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Love of Mother

Watercolor and Colored Pencil on Watercolor paper. Original measures 16" x 36". I will also be uploading a video of the creation of this painting to my website and YouTube within the next week!
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I don`t find any love from a mother, but only pressure & very high expectation.
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Some mothers don't even have high expectations. If a mother has high expectations for her child then surely she knows they are capsble of meeting those expectations. :))Teddy 
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well, lucky for those whose mom accepted their limitations. she expected me to be her clone, while she`s got no comments on my brothers` actions, its so unfair :( thanks for the teddy, anyway :)
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I'm sorry about that :( 
No prob! Teddys always make people feel happy :3 ;)
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:iconadmireplz: yes!! powerfull!!!
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Unbelievable work!
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beautiful work
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SUPERB! beautifully creative and thought-provoking work, Matt..OUTSTANDING! :)
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I've featured this creation in the August Visual Art Features.

Check it here : [link]
This feature is also in the news so more views for you : [link] .
Please check it to view other's art and fave the news article if you like it!

:postit: The Solidarity Contest : participate to a good cause!
:pointr: Looking for a Contest? They are all listed here : [link]
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Thanks! I'll check it out ;)
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Stunning and even more stunning! :D :heart:
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I'd love to see some details on that freaky baby.

This is such a jarring image, Matt. There's something disturbing about the separation in distance of the mother and child and her terrorized expression. Despite the symbolic life giving icons like the mother and the tree, I get a sense this is quite the opposite. It seems as if she's the one growing from the baby instead of vice versa?

I'll have to keep an eye out for that vid. I MUST know how you make skin tones like that with this combination of media. What's your username on youtube?
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Thanks! The meaning I have for the piece is more about death and loss than life and creation so your seeing more of what I saw ;)
I uploaded the video earlier this week so please check it out! My user name on YouTube is matthughesart. I also have it located on my web site at [link]

"freaky baby" = funny :)
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ahah indeed. Seriously...I'm not disturbed by beheadings or hairy monsters in horror movies, but throw a fetus at me and I get all girly and wiggly.

And yet I ask for a detail of it, anyways. Must be the same reason I like horror despite the ensuing nervousness at any bump.
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Incredible done - looking forward for your work at youtube!
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Your work is wonderful, and your images are haunting. I love how your mind works, and what you dream up. Excellant images, and beautiful paintings!!!...Annie
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That's detailed :O Very nice :)
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Thanks! I appreciate that ;)
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