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June 5, 2008
Liberty is just one of the many beautiful examples in ~matthughes' gallery. His colors always so crisp, and the way he just illuminates the canvas, it is like his work takes on a life of it's own. Wonderful work, sir, wonderful work.
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Private commission. Colored Pencil, Watercolor, Gold and Silver leafing.
Copyright © 2007 Matt Hughes

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© 2007 - 2021 matthughes
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daxusx's avatar
love the eagle in her hand and the expression on her face!!
Kieranfoy's avatar
Lady Liberty looks kinda like a ticked off Lucille Ball.
vanillalover17's avatar
i see a mason symbol too, i will try to find all of your symbols...or get distracted trying
Daaakota's avatar
This looks a little Gustav Klimt-ist, in the pose. I really like it.
K23GJ's avatar
who is her son?
vanillalover17's avatar
beautiful, i love the thirteen colonies thing going on
matthughes's avatar
nice catch! To be honest - I have several subtle symbols in this work. There are still a few that I have never heard anyone catch (maybe they are too subtle then :) )
fegie's avatar
I actually like how Liberty looks furious, as though trying to get people to wake up... Very powerful.
Congratulations on the DD.:)
matthughes's avatar
Thanks! I love the fierce approach to subject matters such as this. One of the reasons why I love Mucha's work so much - the story is in the face
fegie's avatar
Very true. :) The faces of Mucha's figures are always so expressive.
ONIsauce's avatar
weird, daily deviation on a private commission. happens often but still, i was always curious as to how people felt when this kinda thing happened.

is your personal convictions in relation to the image still conveyed?

cuz that's where it counts.

anyway, it's still an awesome image.

2 thumbs up
matthughes's avatar
Thanks. I was lucky with this commission. He basically allowed me to "go wild" and left the entire concept and elements open to me. He really just wanted to communicate what his family was going through but in a way that would be much more broad, viral and extend beyond our conversations.
ONIsauce's avatar
awesome. see that's what i call a deserving DD. very cool

great work man. i like the depth of this piece. it's always nice to see something with a little more thought put into it than the average.
saint-miykael's avatar
Who is the child?
matthughes's avatar
We are the child. Liberty is our nation.
saint-miykael's avatar
Ah... I see. If only it were so.
Kirel-Kemmetmau's avatar
Why does Liberty look intimidating and angry?

I think everyone else has already praised you better than I can, and I can't think of any useful critique unless you count the above.
Xena-Michele's avatar
That is awesome! I`m jealous. This is very good.
lolsaywut's avatar
i can't even...
this is beautiful.
it has so much... feeling.
DeadWizard's avatar
This is so amazing! How long did it take you??
matthughes's avatar
Thanks! About 3 weeks - 8 weeks if you include the concept stage
dxmfan's avatar
Awesome color and detail. It has a very vivid atmosphere and a nice textured feel. Congrats on the DD.
Kartoffen's avatar
beautiful *_*
even if she scares me °_°
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