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Follow on from this picture [link]

All that sass gets you somewhere...

Also, sorry about the lack art, it's been over a month since my last post. I've been busy with uni application and what not, but I'm gunna try to post art as much as possible. I promise!
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i saw this on a wall in Greece . So... is this ur original character's? When did u create this piece?
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These are my original characters, however I have authorized and created a unique illustration for clients over there. 
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this is  adorable :)
Leemak's avatar
Have to say I love this. Very cute♥
I really like the lineless look too! Keep it up
HareTrinity's avatar
Heehee, that merman's expression! :D Nicely done!
Folkeye's avatar
They are absolutely adorable! Great character in both of them!
ErinLaine's avatar
Just when I thought mermaids couldn't get any better, I stumbled across this beauty! Awesome work :)

yunamoonflower's avatar
Love it! It makes me want to go fishing!
evil0verlady's avatar
Hilarious! The expressions on their face and the bounce in his step. :D
DCNAUTA's avatar
Awww I'm sooo in love with this one! sooo cute! ♥
trapped-in-eternity's avatar
aww they are soooo cute~!
Ginger-Bunneh's avatar
:suqee: lovin' it X3
Gryffgirl's avatar
Now, don't they both look pleased! ;)
Oh gosh, this just cheers me up so much every time I see it; it's that delightful. Would you ever consider making it (or the others in the series) available as a print?
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Gahhhh, this is amazing! <3
Pierre-dela-rod's avatar
aawe! im happy! what a catch in deed. YARG! booty!
matthoworth's avatar
Haha, I'm glad you like it.
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Charming take on a sailor and a mermaid interaction. The expressions on your characters are very entertaining--it is easy to imagine what they are thinking!
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AbsolutVaklav's avatar
:D I would take both... ;)
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