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Last Tango in Buenos Aires (Episode 33)
Don: (voice) Previously on the Ridonculous Race, our teams went to Washington DC where they flew with the eagles, showed grace under fire and speed read like nobody’s business. Sam and May wound up being the victors while the Ice Dancers unsurprisingly resulted to underhanded tactics to gain an upper hand when they stole MacArthur’s passport. Luckily the cadets had the help of Gabriella and Nekota, but unfortunately, they just weren’t fast enough to stay in the game. (Stands in front of Mount Vernon) Hard to believe our cast is now down to single digits. Even I can’t believe it. Who will make it to the final 3? Find out today on THE RIDONCULOUS RACE! (Smiles to the camera with a glare)
(Intro plays)
(Don stands next to the don box by Mount Vernon. Sam and May are next to him)
Don: Welcome back to Mount Vernon. Sam and May are about to kick off another leg by getting the first tip. (Both walk up to the don box and press the button)
---> Sam: Tod
:iconmatthieulacrosse:MatthieuLacrosse 4 3
Capital Idea (Episode 32)
Don: (voice) Previously on the Ridonculous Race. Our teams went to England where they had anything but a jolly holiday. Between the boat racing, stone hauling and castle storming our teams came out of it more beaten than a Shakespeare character. Annie and Leo did their grandfather proud and won the leg. While fate gave them the royal treatment poor Fabian got put through the ringer, and unfortunately his hardest just wasn’t hard enough and both he and Jordan left us. (Stands in front of the British Museum chill zone from last time) That was one tough dude. Will the Ice Dancers finally get eliminated today? Eh probably not, but the only way you can find out is if you stick around and watch The RIDONCULOUS RACE! (Smiles to the camera causing a glare)
(Intro plays)
(Don is standing in front of the next don box with all the teams behind him. Annie and Leo are first
Don: It’s time to bid England a fond farewell. Siblings, if you would please do the honors.
Leo: (Presses but
:iconmatthieulacrosse:MatthieuLacrosse 1 2
Westminster Side Story (Episode 31)
Don: Last time on the Ridonculous Race, the teams went roaming around Rome where they played with oodles of noodles, clashed at the colosseum, and frolicked in a fountain. The ice dancers learned what happened when you cut May’s hair and the cadets learned how to use a taser in a hurry. At the end of it all we had to say addio to Dwayne and Junior but at least they bonded. (Is seen walking around the Piazza chill zone from last time) Who’s not gonna make it all the way? Let’s find out now here on THE RIDONCULOUS RACE! (Smiles into the camera causing a glare)
(Intro plays)
(We return to the Ridonculous Race. Don is seen in front of the camera at yesterday's Chill Zone with Emma and Kitty besides todays first Don Box. All the other teams are lined up behind them in the order they placed yesterday)
Don: (smiles) Welcome back to yesterday's Chill Zone in Florence. The first ones to leave today are Emma and Kitty. (They wave for the camera)
---> Kitty: Wi
:iconmatthieulacrosse:MatthieuLacrosse 2 2
Rome for the Holidays (Episode 30)
Don: Previously on the Ridonculous Race, our teams went to Greece and accomplished several Herculean labors. There were deadly animals, temporary team ups and one venomous gorgon. Though Sanders was down one arm this didn’t stop the cadets from taking gold away from our least favorite Olympians, who says every Greek tale has to be a tragedy? Speaking of pathos Devin finally confessed his love to Carrie and they officially became a couple, good thing they’ve got each other cause they are out of the running for the million. (Is walking in front of a statue of the goddess Nike) What does Nike have in store for our remaining teams? Find out today on THE RIDONCULOUS RACE! (Smiles to the camera with a glare) 
(Intro plays)
(Don stands next to the don box by the Archaeological Museum. Sanders and MacArthur are next to him) 
Don: Welcome back to Greece. Our next leg is about to begin. Cadets you get the first tip. (Both walk up to the don box and press the button)
:iconmatthieulacrosse:MatthieuLacrosse 4 2
Inktober Extras by MatthieuLacrosse Inktober Extras :iconmatthieulacrosse:MatthieuLacrosse 6 0 Total Drama Face Off 21 by MatthieuLacrosse Total Drama Face Off 21 :iconmatthieulacrosse:MatthieuLacrosse 6 1 Total Drama Face Off 20 by MatthieuLacrosse Total Drama Face Off 20 :iconmatthieulacrosse:MatthieuLacrosse 3 0 Total Drama Face Off 19 by MatthieuLacrosse Total Drama Face Off 19 :iconmatthieulacrosse:MatthieuLacrosse 1 1 Total Drama Face Off 18 by MatthieuLacrosse Total Drama Face Off 18 :iconmatthieulacrosse:MatthieuLacrosse 2 0 Total Drama Face Off 17 by MatthieuLacrosse Total Drama Face Off 17 :iconmatthieulacrosse:MatthieuLacrosse 2 0 Total Drama Face Off 16 by MatthieuLacrosse Total Drama Face Off 16 :iconmatthieulacrosse:MatthieuLacrosse 1 0 Total Drama Face Off 15 by MatthieuLacrosse Total Drama Face Off 15 :iconmatthieulacrosse:MatthieuLacrosse 3 0 Total Drama Face Off 14 by MatthieuLacrosse Total Drama Face Off 14 :iconmatthieulacrosse:MatthieuLacrosse 2 0 Total Drama Face Off 13 by MatthieuLacrosse Total Drama Face Off 13 :iconmatthieulacrosse:MatthieuLacrosse 2 0 Total Drama Face Off 12 by MatthieuLacrosse Total Drama Face Off 12 :iconmatthieulacrosse:MatthieuLacrosse 2 0 Total Drama Face Off 11 by MatthieuLacrosse Total Drama Face Off 11 :iconmatthieulacrosse:MatthieuLacrosse 3 0


Daily Paint 2373. Sir Loin by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 2373. Sir Loin :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 2,085 63 Pokemon #787 by Cosmopoliturtle Pokemon #787 :iconcosmopoliturtle:Cosmopoliturtle 97 8 Greven 2019 by Nikolaj-Arndt Greven 2019 :iconnikolaj-arndt:Nikolaj-Arndt 81 9 Shazam!  by KittyTheNerd Shazam! :iconkittythenerd:KittyTheNerd 41 16 The Need for Speed! by Luxojr888 The Need for Speed! :iconluxojr888:Luxojr888 57 5 Jumpshift by AlanGutierrezArt Jumpshift :iconalangutierrezart:AlanGutierrezArt 51 6 Once there were dragons - contest by Yessys Once there were dragons - contest :iconyessys:Yessys 1,162 46 'Looks like your armor is finally flight ready' by LeffiesArt 'Looks like your armor is finally flight ready' :iconleffiesart:LeffiesArt 1,010 57 Pokemon #785 by Cosmopoliturtle Pokemon #785 :iconcosmopoliturtle:Cosmopoliturtle 152 25 Pokemon #786 (Guardian of Alola) by Cosmopoliturtle Pokemon #786 (Guardian of Alola) :iconcosmopoliturtle:Cosmopoliturtle 111 15 Weapons of Mass Creation by aerroscape Weapons of Mass Creation :iconaerroscape:aerroscape 581 38 Qualinost by AlanGutierrezArt Qualinost :iconalangutierrezart:AlanGutierrezArt 72 16 Mermay by sandara Mermay :iconsandara:sandara 1,897 55 Pokemon #786 by Cosmopoliturtle Pokemon #786 :iconcosmopoliturtle:Cosmopoliturtle 137 20 Raymond by pixelz01 Raymond :iconpixelz01:pixelz01 113 12 Lake Wood Plaza Troupe  by Unleashedwarrior Lake Wood Plaza Troupe :iconunleashedwarrior:Unleashedwarrior 26 1


Here are the various ways I think the total drama characters can take on different roles in different settings. I’ve also included my oc’s. Don't recognize a Pokemon? Look here GregAndrade or here DaybreakM

As animals: Annie/Leo: Mandarin Ducks, June: Common Merganser,  Fabian: Maned wolf, May: Red fox (silver phase) Nekota: Peregrine falcon, Gabriella: Prairie Falcon,  Yves: Asian Palm Civet, Jordan/Sam: Coyotes, Aaryn: Douc Langur,  Quince: Wood duck, Syd/Dani: Hanuman Langurs, Owen: Uakari, Izzy: Crested Gibbon, Noah: Crested Penguin, Gwen: Raven, Trent: Lyrebird, Courtney: Rhea, Duncan: Crested Caracara, DJ: Elephant, Geoff: Lion, Brody: Cougar, Bridgette: Tiger, Heather: Snow Leopard, Alejandro: Jaguar, Cody: Squirrel Monkey, Sierra: Francois Langur, Harold: Meerkat, Leshawna: Binturong, Katie: Lynx, Sadie: Bobcat, Jasmine: Goanna, Shawn: Thorny Devil, Ezekiel: Wombat, Justin: Indian Peafowl, Eva: Wolverine, Tyler: Demoiselle Crane, Lindsay: Flamingo, Beth: Saiga, Jo: Red Tailed Hawk, Brick: Bald Eagle, Cameron: Tarsier, Mike: American Mink, Zoey: European Polecat, Dawn: Tufted Puffin, Beverly: Japanese Macaque, Dakota: Gerenuk, Sam: Roan Antelope, Staci: Howler Monkey, Scott: Gambian Pouched Rat, Anne Maria: Tamandua, Lightning: Ratel, Rodney: American Bison, Amy/Samey: Springhares, Sugar: Capybara, Leonard: Giant Pangolin, Beardo: Water buffalo, Sky: Barn Swallow, Dave: European Pheasant, Topher: Pronghorn Antelope, Scarlet: Red Squirrel, Max: Star Nosed Mole, Ella: Mourning dove, Devin: Timber wolf, Carrie: Mexican Wolf, Kelly/Taylor: King Cheetah, Emma/Kitty: Macaroni Penguins, Crimson: Bearded Vulture, Ennui: Lappet Faced Vulture, Jay/Mickey: Edible Dormouse, Ryan: Orangutan, Stephanie: Guereza Monkey, Jacques: Polar Bear, Josee: Whooper Swan, Dwayne/Junior: Golden Jackals, Sanders: Fisher, MacArthur: Beaver, Lorenzo: Urial, Chet: Mountain Goat, Tom: Bush Duiker, Jen: Bower bird, Rock: Greater Kudu, Spud: Olive Baboon, Laurie: Patagonian Mara, Miles: Kinkajou, Mary: Kea, Ellody: Eurasian Jackdaw, Tammy: Takin, Gerry: American Woodcock, Pete: Quokka

Greek Mythology characters: Owen: Dionysus, Izzy: Artemis, Crimson: Nyx, Ennui: Hades, Lindsay: Aphrodite, DJ: Atlas, Alejandro: Zeus, Heather: Hera, Beth: Hestia, Trent: Orpheus, Dawn: Circe, Gwen: Persephone, Bridgette: Amphitrite, Geoff: Poseidon, Brody: Triton, Katie and Sadie: Scylla and Charybdis, Duncan: Ares, Jo: Athena, Laurie: Demeter, Miles: Nymph, Ezekiel: Tantalus, Max: Sisyphus, Beverly: Hephaestus, Zoey: Psyche, Mike: Eros, Eva: Fury, Staci: sphinx, Tyler: Achilles, Noah: Apollo, Cody: Hermes,  Sierra: iris, Emma: Clio, Kitty: Erato, Courtney: Gorgon, Amy: Harpy, Sammie: Siren, Dakota: Helen of Troy, Dave: Acteon, Scott: Chimera, Scarlet: Eris, Lightning: Minotaur, Cameron: Theseus, sky: Nike, Rodney: Polyphemus, Jasmine: Hippolyta, Ella: Polyhymnia, Brick: Hercules, Devin: Perseus, Carrie: Euterpe, Mary: Urania, Ellody: Mnemosyne, Leshawna: Naiad, Ryan: Talos, Stephanie: Melpomene, Justin: Narcissus, Topher: Adonis, Josee: Terpsichore, Jaques: Pan, Dwayne: Daedalus, Junior: Icarus, Kelly: Cassiopeia, Taylor: Andromeda, Chris: Typhon, Sugar: Hecate, Chet: Cerberus, Lorenzo: Hydra 

Superheroes: Leo: Cyrokinesis code name “Glacial” - Annie: Fairy magic code name “Helenor” - June: Plant person code name “Jade Orchid” - Quince: Amphibious alien with tattoos that give him powers similar to water bending code name “ Andrias”, Syd: Technopath code name “Cosmonaut”, Gabriella: 4 armed alien assassin code name “ Rasula”, Nekota: bad ass normal code name “Latrans”, May: witch affluent in all manor of magics from around the world mythologies, code name “ Madmen Mayhem”, Jordan: super armor think iron man code name “ F. E. Male”, Sam: Demon magic and weapons, also minor conjuring abilities code name “Abraxas”, Fabian: elasticity, code name “ Viscoelastic”, Aaryn/Yves: magic armor like Ezra Scarlet code names “Battle Butler” & “Barrier Maiden” respectively, Dani: Fulfills a role similar to Lois lane,  Rodney- sand and rock manipulation, Jasmine aka Komodoensis - can turn into a dragon humanoid, Shawn aka Kuhli - similar to Jasmine’s powers, however his form looks more like a combo between the frilled lizard and the flying dragon,. Dave- turns into a creature that can change form in a multitude of ways, can also phase through objects, Beardo- powers similar to Staci but can also imitate peoples voices, Sammie- can turn into a pixie and gain magic and flight, gained powers due to a cursed oil lamp, Amy- can turn into a dragon like creature, gained powers just like her sister, Scarlet- genius intellect, Max- lackey to scarlet, Sugar aka The amoeba- turns into an amoeba like creature, Topher- super speed, Leonard & Tammy- inept mages, their spells, potions and hexes often blow up in their faces, Devin and Carrie- have a magical hammerpsace of Armor, gowns and costumes that give them all sorts of weapons and powers think Erza Scarlet from fairy tail, Ryan and Stephanie- similar to Devin and Carrie but their whole bodies turn into these golems, and they have a multitude of golem bodies to turn into, Emma and Kitty- magical girls, think miraculous lady and sailor moon, Ennui aka Serpicio and Crimson aka Maven - Wizard and witch who, like Gwen, practice dark magic but are benevolent, Josee aka Femme Glace- cryokinesis, also intangible and can generate blizzards, hail, and use huge ice themed weapons like a samurai, minor flight abilities too, Jacques aka Neigeant- cryokinesis, can turn into a hulking ice beast that can make avalanches and flurries and is super strong and very invulnerable, Junior aka Shodoku- warrior like that in a typical shonen anime/manga, the powers were given to him by another magic user. Main weapon can turn into all multitudes of weapons but often turns into what he needs rather than what he wants, Chet/Lorenzo- Chet can change his density between all 3 states of matter while Lorenzo can blast plasma, Mary/Ellody- super geniuses, their brains are more like super computers. They aren’t really superheroes so much as they are secret agents/ intellect researchers, kind of like super back up in a sense, MacArthur/Sanders- super spies, no powers but they are bad ass normals like Sky and Courtney. Tom/Jen- No powers, instead they make the super outfits for everyone, think Edna Mode, Beth aka Oakwood witch - witch, DJ aka Sitocera-incredible jumping abilities, Gwen- aka Gothika: witch, uses dark magic but is a heroine, Trent- aka Music Maestro: wizard who uses musical magic, Heather-magnetism, Lindsay aka Charisma- flying brick, Tyler aka Regal Eagle-flying brick, Alejandro- manipulation of the electromagnetic spectrum, Noah- flight, Owen- aka Gormando: is capable of spinning at high speeds, think sonic, can rotate his limbs independently and also has a super prehensile tongue, Courtney aka Miss Maverick - a badass normal, think black widow, Bridgette aka Cephalopoda- hydrokinetic abilities, can also turn into a squid/human hybrid at will, result of an amulet, Geoff aka Piscine- similar to Bridgette but turns into a fish/human hybrid, Brody aka Takashangi- similar to Bridgette but turns into a crustacean/human hybrid, Duncan aka Punk Shock- control over electricity,  Leshawna- psychic abilities which she can use to create illusions and stick people inside them, Harold- can copy the powers of other super beings by touching them, Izzy- aka Demus: demon magic, turns into a demon hybrid when in super mode, Cody- all manor of super vision, Sierra- can control wind, also can generate and turn into a tornado, Ezekiel- can turn into a goblin, sort of turns him into a monkey/gremlin creature, Justin- oxidization, Eva- aka Devastruction: Has an enchanted sword which can give her all the powers of a war goddess, turning her into a demigoddess, Katie&Sadie- Can combine together to make a super being, think the fusions in Steven universe. Individually they have magic rings that they can use to make either defense weapons (Sadie) or offence weapons (Katie), Zoey aka Alexandrae- can turn into a pixie, gains magic, flight and size manipulation, Mike aka Simulacra- can make multiple copies of himself, Cameron- can control technology, can also also make his own vehicles, weapons and robots, Lightning- in spite of his nickname, he’s pyrokinetic like the human torch, B- similar to Cameron but can turn into a globular tentacled robot, also has minor electrical manipulation and internet access and control, Dakota- Can willingly turn into Dakotazoid, this mutant also has more intelligence but isn’t a genius, Sam- Tactile telepath, also has minor psychic abilities but functions more as a detective than a superhero, Staci-hyper voice,  Anne Maria- light manipulation, prehensile hair, also has some minor electrical manipulation. Scott- can turn into a beast, and said beast can also change it’s physique and appearance based on the environment it’s in, Brick aka Cadet Canada & Jo aka Warrior Woman- super soldiers,  Ella-super strength & can also communicate and command animals, Dawn- aura manipulation and control she also has animal abilities similar to Ella but she can also use some of their adaptations and can even “see through their eyes”, Sky aka Silent Sparrow- bad ass normal like Courtney, kind of more of spy and also has a wing harness like Falcon

Historical Figures: Leo: Fred Astaire, June: Ginger Rogers, Annie: Bette Davis, Quince: Scott Joplin, Fabian: Buster Keaton, Syd: Charlie Chaplin, Yves: Edith Head,  Jordan: Eleanor of Aquitaine, Sam: Oscar Wilde, May: Murasaki Shikibu , Gabriella: Babe Didrikson Zaharias,  Nekota: Jim Thorpe, Dani: Louisa May Alcott, Aaryn: Sigmund Freud, Jasmine - Gertrude Bell, Staci - Louella Parsons, Leonard - Jack Parsons,  Beardo - Louis Armstrong, Courtney-  Wallis Simpson, Owen-Henry the 8th, Gwen-Mary Shelly,  Noah-Chandragupta, Trent- Antonio Vivaldi, Geoff- Ludwig I of Bavaria, Bridgette- Rachel Carson, Alejandro- King Ferdinand of Spain, Heather- Isabel of Spain, Beth- Florence Nightingale, Lindsey- Evelyn Nesbit, Tyler- John J. McDermott, Justin- King tut,  Katie and Sadie- Charlotte and Emily Bronte, Eva- Boadicea,  Izzy- Mary Kingsley, Ezekiel- Hugh Glass, Harold- Leonardo da Vinci, Cody- Nikola Tesla,  Sierra- Nellie Bly, Duncan- H.H. Holmes, Leshawna- Madame C.J. Walker, DJ- Haile H Selassie, Brick- Ulysses S Grant, Jo- Joan of Arc, Cameron- W.E.B Dubois, Beverly- George Washington Carver, Scott- Clyde Barrow, Dawn- Pocahontas, Anne Maria- Marie Antoinette, Zoey- Queen Elizabeth I, Mike- Miguel de Cervantes, Shawn- Giovanni Aldini,  Rodney- John Deere, Amy- Belle Starr aka the Bandit Queen, Sammy- Annie Oakley, Scarlet- Elizabeth Bathory, Max- Qin Shi Huang, Topher- Montgomery Cliff,  Ella- Anastasia, Sam- Fusajiro Yamauchi, Dakota- Florence Lawrence, Lightning- Shaka Zulu, Sugar- Bonnie Parker, Sky- Sacajawea, Dave- Tsutomu Yamaguchi, Brody- Duke Kahanamoku, MacArthur- Catherine the Great, Sanders- Harriet Tubman, Stephanie- Cleopatra, Ryan-Marc Antony, Tammy-Freydis, Mary- Ada Lovelace, Ellody- Hedy Lamarr, Emma and Kitty- The trung sisters, Rock- Buddy Holly, Spud-Richie Valens, Chet and Lorenzo- Wright brothers, Josee- Sonja Henie, Jacques- Maurice Chevalier, Carrie- Lucille Ball, Devin- Desi Arnez,  Dwayne and Junior- John Adams and John Quincy Adams, Jen- Coco Chanel, Tom- Yves St. Lauren, Miles- Georgia O'Keeffe, Laurie- Janis Joplin, Jay- Sgt. Charles Floyd, Mickey- Henry H Bliss, Gerry- Rod Lavers, Pete- Robert Abdesselam, Kelly- Queen Victoria, Taylor- Victoria, Princess royal, Ennui- Vlad Dracul, Crimson-Marjorie Bowen

Dog Breeds: Josee (Norwegian Elkhound) and Jacques (Alaskan Malamute), Carrie (Coton De Tulear) and Devin (Toy Fox Terrier), MacArthur (Bloodhound) and Sanders (American Water Spaniel), Owen (St Bernard) and Noah (Daschund), Emma and Kitty (Miki), Heather (Sloughi) and Alejandro (Fila Brasileiro), Jo (American Pitbull Terrier) and Brick (Belgian Malinois), Leo  and Annie (Irish Terrier), Gabriella (Dogo Argentino) and Nekota (Australian Cattle Dog), Jasmine (Boerboel) and Shawn (Rat Terrier), Lightning (Rhodesian Ridgeback) and Sky (Whippet), Cody (Parson Russel Terrier) and Eva (Cane Corso), Dwayne and Junior (Soft coated Wheaten Terrier), Mary (Shetland Sheepdog) and Ellody (Border Collie), Stephanie (Boxer) and Ryan (Great Dane), May (Papillion), Fabian (Chart Polski), Sam and Jordan (Wire Fox Terrier), DJ (Bull Mastiff) and Bridgette (Golden Retriever), Courtney (Portuguese Water Dog) and Duncan (Doberman), Gwen (Blue Lacy) and Trent (Beauceron), Beth (Basset Hound) and Lindsay (Afghan Hound), Mike (Brussles Griffon) and Zoey (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel), Scott (Carolina Dog) and Rodney (Great Pyrenees), Leshawna (Newfouldland) and Harold (Australian Shepherd), Cameron (Miniature Schnauzer) and Beverly (Bouvier Des Flanders), Sierra (Irish Water Spaniel) and Topher ( Rough Collie), Aaryn (German Shepherd) and Yves (Greyhound), Izzy (Irish Setter) and Tyler (Pointer), Kelly and Taylor (Standard Poodle), Tom (Basenji) and Jen (Yorkshire Terrier), Dawn (Pomeranian) and Ella (Japanese Chin), Rock (Ibizan Hound) and Spud (Clumber spaniel), Crimson (Borzoi) and Ennui (Black Russian Terrier), Laurie (Puli) and Miles (Welsh Springer Spaniel), Syd and Dani (Weimeraner), June (Italian Greyhound) and Quince (Affenpinscher), Lorenzo (Lagoto Romanolo) and Chet (Bearded Collie), Katie (Pembroke Welsh Corgi) and Sadie (Cardigan Welsh Corgi), Gerry (Airedale) and Pete (Braque), Leonard (Bedlington Terrier) and Tammy (Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen), Scarlett (Brittany Spaniel) and Max (Pekingese), Sugar (Bichon Frise) and Anne Maria (Maltese), Staci (Lhasa Apso) and Beardo (Tibetan Mastiff), Sam (Chow Chow) and Dakota (Saluki), Amy and Sammie (Cocker Spaniel), Ezekiel (Lowchen) and Dave (Shipperke), Geoff (Labrador Retriever) and Brody (Chesapeake Bay Retriever), Jay and Mickey (Norwich Terrier) Justin (Pharaoh Hound) 

Face Off Characters: Josee and Jacques (Tate's Industrial Revolution Swan & Sorcerer), Carrie and Devin (Jordan & Ricky's Electrocuted Zombie Couple), MacArthur (Roy's Dagger Pirate) and Sanders (Alana's Crab Pirate), Owen (Kevin & Scott's Prisoner Demon) and Noah (Ben's Star Trek Alien), Emma (Miranda's Lustful Succubus) and Kitty (Sam's Baby Doll), Heather and Alejandro (Adolfo, Roy, & Scott's Futuristic Frankenstein and Bride), Jo (Tate & Frank's Alien Acrobat) and Brick (Rashaad's Fireman Robot), Leo and June (Laura's Italian Renaissance Swan & Sorcerer), Gabriella (Autumn's Mercury Ray) and Nekota (Jason & Eric's Cantina Alien), Jasmine (Laura & Sarah's Cantina Alien) and Shawn (Drew's Tiger Rat Snake Soldier ), Lightning (Niko's Minotaur) and Sky (Evan's Star Trek Alien), Cody (Drew's Fox/Monkey Hybrid) and Eva (Cig & George's Post Apocalyptic Road Warrior), Dwayne (Scott's Zombie Dad) and Junior (Regina's Joker), Mary (Jasmine's Vampire Detective) and Ellody (Evan & Stevie's Gatekeeper), Stephanie and Ryan (Alana, Laney & Laura's Futuristic Frankenstein and Bride), May (J Anthony & Alam's Demus) and Sam (Eric Z & Kris' Abraxas), Fabian (Laura's Cubist Man) and Jordan (Miranda's Cubist Woman), Geoff (Chloe & Rashaad's Fish Beast) and Brody (Tommy's Kelp Pirate), Bridgette (Logan's Mermaid) and Sadie (Emily's Queen of Hearts), DJ and Katie (Ben & Jasmine's Undead Cat Couple), Scott (Laura's Vampire) and Rodney (Walter's Pumpkin Demon), Leshawna (Sarah's Sea Urchin Pirate) and Harold (Daran's Hornswaggler), Annie (Laney's Pop Art Girl) and Quince (Rayce's Cellist), Dawn (Cig's Avalanche Fairy) and Ella (Dina's Forest Nymph), Sugar (Laney & Alana's Little Piggy) and Anne Maria (Darla's Diamond Lady), Tom (Roy's Cartoon Soldier) and Jen (Laura's Underworld Queen), Mike and Zoey (Evan & Kevin's Moon Angel & Pug Demon), Aaron (Darla's Jack of Hearts) and Yves (Emily's Miss Pinwheel Galaxy), Courtney (Anthony & Megan's Ostrich Lady) and Duncan (Eric F's Dick Gritty), Gwen (Yvonne's Corpse Conjurer) and Trent (RJ's Bellhop), Beth (Dina's Nerdy Goblin) and Lindsay (Julian's Miss Whirlpool Galaxy), Beverly (Adam's Imaginary Monster) and Cameron (Tyler's Surgeon Robot), Sierra (Megan's Lollipop Ballerina) and Topher (KC & Joseph's Fairy Godfather), Izzy (Kevin & Scott's Demoness Guardian) and Tyler (Damien's Evil Barber), Kelly (Rachael's Evil Baroness) and Taylor (George's Murderous Ex Girlfriend), Rock (Tyler & Rashaad's Rocker) and Spud (Roy & Alana's Demon Sidekick), Crimson (Sasha's Raven Queen) and Ennui (Emily's Clive Barker Villain), Laurie (Faina's Fall Goddess) and Miles (Alana's Earth Mother), Syd (Tara's Scarecrow) and Dani (Tate & Miranda's Pumpkin Woman), Lorenzo (Damien's Gaboon Viper Soldier) and Chet (Graham's Slime Dragon) Gerry (Rod's Dishonored Aristocrat) and Pete (Benjamin's Jack of Diamonds), Leonard (Kevin's Undead Merlin) and Tammy (Nora's Sycorax), Scarlett (Kelly's Clive Barker Villain) and Max (KC's Imp Hesperian), Staci (Sam's Fast food Zombie) and Beardo (Walter's Seymour Sharp), Samuel (Nelson's Friendly Alien) and Dakota (Adam's Miss Cigar Galaxy), Amy (Walter's Genie) and Sammie (Melissa's Genie), Ezekiel (Stevie's Dragonic Don Quixote) and Dave (Drew's Undead Stalker), Jay (Laura's Funny Ghost) and Mickey (Chloe's Mad Science Victim), Justin (Nora's Tree Hunter)

Pokemon Teams: Josee (Golden Swanna, Froslass, Mustean, Frostter, Aurorus, Arvulpa) Jacques (Beartic, Abomasnow, Avalugg, Eiscorps, Kindgra, Mamoswine) Carrie (Bayleef, Kirlia, Vulpix, Monymfly, Sunflora, Blioom) Devin (Ivysaur, Gallade, Delphim, Raysure, Hibberia, Semisage) MacArthur (Arcanine, Female Pyroar, Druddigon, Dustwist, Crabominable, Gligar) Sanders (Skuntank, Spinarak, Electivire, Talonflame, Tyrouge, Kraiken) Owen ( Emboar, Snorlax, Marshtomp, Swalot, Wailmer, Spadate) Noah (Servine, Grovyle, Dodrio, Hefsteal, Toucusky, Ledian) Emma (Male Meowstic, Meadow Vivillion, Kabuki Gardevoir, Spritzee, Whimsicott, Thornaffe) Kitty (Female Meowstic, Skitty, Elegant Vivillion, Goldeen, Erangel, Galaksyk) Leo (Glaceon, Typhlosion, Twilight Lycanroc, Staraptor, Ryuseidon, Dragonite) Annie (Eevee, Togekiss, Emperosa, Roserade, Salasea, Rapidash) Gabriella (Espeon, Agyswan, Scolipede, Electross, Haxorus, Deserdon) Nekota (Flareon, Warokee, Hurriswan, Drapion, Salamance, Scorvoxion) Dwayne (Chestnaught, Ignagle, Blastoise, Roadar, Male Orkuette, Tyrannitar) and Junior (Chespin, Jayance, Squirtle, Trafikid, Comblin, Larvitar) Ellody (Reuniclus, Ovispace, Chinchou, Tranquil, Araquanid, Corinlophus) Mary (Elgyem, Noctowl, Mr. Mime, Krokorok, Cucunner, Wingull) Stephanie (Nidoqueen, Mienshao, Bisharp, Heavure, Bankash, Salazzle) Ryan (Nidoking, Hariyama, Barbaracle, Impavinal, Machoke, Canyolem) Sam (Umbreon, Feraligatr, Samorpse, Maskooky, Dogreed, Flygon) and May (Vireon, Mugpay, Golurk, Mismagius, Ecnhantol, Gourgeist) Fabian ( Male Delphox, Guaranolf, Altaria, Furret, Breloom, Sandslash) Jordan (Ninetales, Blaziken, Swellow, Sthegonic, Raveonic, Seaking) Aaryn (Herdier, Linoone, Jerbing, Marbled Furret, Filflowdy, Phanphere) Yves (Leavanny, Lumineon, Barkrace, Ribombee, Emperalga, Freezingo) Kelly (Couglaw, Storcy, Azumarill, Jumpluff, Blizzarowl, Cincinno) Taylor (Felinail, Pottred, Marill, Poliwag, Star Furfrou, Swablu) Tom (Dewott, Dandy Fufrou, Winter Sawsbuck, Coronix, Principace, Nuzleaf) Jen (Female Braixen, Brionne, Debutante Furfrou, Prismavian, Sensu Oricorio, Desprit) Rock (Toxicroak, Vibrava, Electabuzz, Flintigger, Pidgeotto, Roulettor) Spud (Slaking, Magby, Diggersby, Quagsire, Slowbro, Helicopree) Crimson (Gothorita, Banette, Ballecabre, Haunter, Meritouse, Graveaper) Ennui (Dusclops, Arbok, Macadance, Mordile, Cofagrigus, Male Nidoran) Laurie (Bellossom, Bounsweet, Girash, Wobbuffet, Tropius, Seel)  Miles ( Dartrix, Intoxoth, Hoppip, Drowzee, Shrubbish, Alola Exeggutor) Syd (Female Samurott, Vaporeon, Masquerain, Beakner, Sealeo, Dragalge) Dani (Purugly, Mareanie, Pidgeot, Octerra, Gangoom, Venoxious) June (Fern Leafeon, Sleeping Beauty Swanna, Liligant, Florges, Lopunny, Trevenant) Quince (Jolteon, Kricketune, Croyally, Shiftry, Noivern, Exploud) Lorenzo (Sawk, Escavalier, Blue Basculin, Octillery, Ampharos, Male Unfezant) Chet (Throh, Accelgor, Red Basculin, Tentacruel, Gogoat, Rhyhorn) Gerry (Mooskolt, Vigoroth, Bronzong, Girafarig, Pinsir, Fearow) and Pete (Trapinch, Turtwig, Heracross, Relicanth, Turtonator, Aegislash) Leonard (Abra, Sigilyph, Amoongus, Bibarel, Yanma, Probopass) Tammy (Smoochum, Munna, Aerotome, Klefki, Lampent, Chingling) Geoff (Monferno, Wartortle, Manetric, Huntail, Reiruku, Gyarados)  Brody (Simisear, Male Pyroar, Mantine, Clawitzer, Ariathan, Heliolisk) Jay (Weedle, East Sea Shellos, Dwebble, Driftloom, Starly, Wimpod) Mickey (Mudkip, Caterpie, West Sea Shellos, Baltoy, Shuckle, Dunsparce) Heather (Sneasel, Glameow, Cloyster, Baile Oricorio, Mospheles, Bharatanyam Kirlia) Alejandro (Weaville, Scizor, Macargo, Darmanitan, Hawlucha, Scoriachi) Jo (Midnight Lycanroc, Mandibuzz, Zebstrika, Golem, Carvanha, Fraxure) Brick ( Midday Lycanroc, Braviary, Onix, Agron, Seismitoad, Mankey) Jasmine (Garchomp, Steelix, Starmie, Kangaskhan, Vultattle, Gastrazen) Shawn (Rockruff, Bunnelby, Excadrill, Garbodor, Dilonous, Tundger) Lightning (Golduck, Krookodile, Tauros, Tarture, Hydreigon, Mudsdale) Sky (Frogadier, Emolga, Hitmontop, Fletchinder, Frillish, Skiddo) Cody (Aipom, Togedemaru, Volbeat, Palpitoad, Torkoal, Venipede)  Eva (Granbull, Skarmory, Scrafty, Poliwrath, Makuhita, Ninjask) DJ (Torterra, Gorocky, Buneary, Flycebell, Donphan, Droverdos) and Bridgette (Lapras, Milotic, Dewgong, Corsola, Pantanoiu, Seadra) Courtney (Mawile, Turkey Tail Breloom, Grumpig, Mincinno, Affroop, Stunfisk) Duncan (Wild Thorns Meganium, Mightyena, Houndoom, Hitmonchan, Chimowy, Salandit) Gwen (Venasaur, Gothitelle, Gengar, Liepard, Night Sky Mismagius, Seviper) Trent (Sceptile, Kricketune, Marowak, Luxray, Tropikow, Alakazam) Beth (Sentret, Dustox, Venomoth, Mothim, Hiperig, Steenee) and Lindsay (Semipour, Beautifly, Butterfree, Kaleidofly, Peliper, Glasorbet) Mike (Marshtomp, Ditto, Castform, Scyther, Doduo, Phyllosect) and Zoey (Female Delphox, Togetic, Cherrim, Raichu, Seanna, Sprinxie) Scott (Zangoose, Muk, Heatmor, Raticate, Flowzzy, Grubblay) and Rodney (Tauros, Conkeldurr, Hippowdon, Honchkrow, Sernal, Poliwhirl) Leshawna (Empoleon, Serperior, Nidorina, Jynx, Operdin, Delcatty) and Harold (Greninja, Smeargle, Hitmonlee, Geckane, Wheezing, Staravia) Cameron (Sudowoodoo, Watchog, Trumbeak, Lombre, Cybrong, Phanpy) Beverly (Claydoll, Metang, Magnezone, Corasert, Klang, Crawdaunt) Sierra (Chimchar, Roselia, Illumise, Gowama, Almana, Dorisagi) and Topher (Buizel, Rhydon, Forretress, Tasmurn, Terment, Elekid) Izzy (Malay Blaziken, Tangrowth, Ursaring, Beedrill, Ludicolo, Gliscor) and Tyler (Charizard, Mienfoo, Yanmega, Bombartle, Platigor, Floatzel) Dawn (Lucario, Xatu, Deerling, Chansey, Clovolente, Teddyursa) and Ella (Sylveon, Politoed, Pachirisu, Flaaffy, Sasquoil, Female Unfeazant) Katie (Minun, Stufful, Mime Jr, Azumarill, Frambixie, Gokold) and Sadie (Plusle, Pancham, Cheetasty, Wigglytuff, Rasprit, Drifblim) Scarlett (Silkie Combusken, Medicham, Red Hooded Misdreavus, Voltorb, Metagross, Krakarid) Max (Meditite, Sableye, Ekans, Magneton, Shroomish, Pumpkaboo) Sugar (Pignite, Chokalf, Slurpuff, Miltank, Chantake, Muchlax) Anne Maria ( Ambipom, Diamond Furfrou, Gorebyss, Shiinotic, Bruxish, Pa'u Oricorio) Staci (Jigglypuff, Wiscash, Chatot, Sunflora, Delibird, Hogud) and Beardo (Loudred, Maractus, Piloswine, Radiotle, Bouffalant, Charjabug), Samuel (Victreebel, Camerupt, Guzzlunny, Rodoondu, Ferrothorn, Carnivine) Dakota (Late Bloomer Meganium, Vileplume, Persian, Alomomola, Skiploom, Amanelf), Amy (Clefairy, Petrifian, Ariados, Malamar, Tentacool, Tangela) Sammie (Clefable, Grotle, Berqueen, Pom Pom Oricorio, Vanilish, Dedenne),  Ezekiel (Spinda, Cryogonal, Glalie, Stantler, Parasect, Euclabe) Dave (Farfetch'd, Trolleaf, Yungoos, Crustle, Obskish, Hoot hoot), Justin (Absol, Armaldo, Gigalith, Galvantula, Melaudion, Lurantis)


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Nicolas Medina
United States
I was born on April 19, 1996 in Concord,California at Kaiser permanente medical center. I'm on the autism spectrum disorder and I do not need to be cured. Student at Ygnacio Valley High School who graduated in 2014. I want to work either at Cartoon Network studios or Dreamworks Animation but I'm not gonna lie i'm making this up as I go along


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