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Matt's Brushpack

Hey=) Since a few people asked, here are my Brushes. I Created them all myself, no copyrights and you don't have to mention me everytime you use them ;) 

I use Photoshop CS5 at the moment but I hope that they will also work on lower or higher versions.

(You can download the zip file by hitting the download button on the upper right)

v1.1: Mooooooooore brushis
v1.2: See v1.1. (Also edited some brushes and removed some, hope that's ok :3) 
v2.0: Moreeeee, mooooooreeee :la: This time with acryltextures I painted and scanned in O: 




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They look great, thank you very much!

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thankyou so much :D

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Thanks so much :D

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Thank you VERY much. I love these brushes! Actually I never really use someone elses brushes, I just play with them for a while and then leave them be, but these are absolutely amazing and make my work look like a real canvas! <3<3<3
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Most kind of you! thank you
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Wow, thanks for these amazing brushes!
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hella brushes dude 
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Thanks for sharing your brushes. Nod  :happybounce: 
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love them!:squee: 
 thanks for sharing!
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Thank you so much for these!

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Thanks Matthias, will definitely check it out ;)
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It's better to change the license to Creative Commons if you dont want to take the copyrights. Until then it will be shown as a copyrighted thing.
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Thanks a bunch for the tip!! Changed it =)
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Too bad I use manga studio and it can't paint worth crap! Or load PS brushes. Looks cool though...
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