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a cold night in middle germany for 30 minutes...

For more infos and prints visit
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I love the colours! I've been wanting to try this out for myself for a while, now I actually have the right equipment, I can :D Were these the colours on the night or did you alter them? (I'd check through the comments but there's a lot of them, so I don't know if this has been asked already or not, sorry if it has!) :)
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you just have to use the right white balance, so i'd assume to use raw and set it in the raw converter. Let me see your results :)
Haha, I always find myself using the wrong white balance by mistake. I'll take a photo and then wonder why it's orange or blue...*alters the white balance* Ah there we go, much better! :D It's because I tend to forget to change it back after I'm done. Great, well I've got a raw converter on my computer now so I'll have to make good use of it :) I'll post my results up when I've had a go!
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Fantastic! I need to learn how to do this.
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Sehr schönes photo :-)

In welchem Abstand hast du die Aufnahmen gemacht? bzw über welchen Zeitraum insgesammt dass du solche Streifen bekommst?

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das foto ist quasi 30 minuten belichtet, keine abstände.
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Vielen Dank für die Information :-)
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:wave: Hello!

I have featured your amazing work in my journal--->[link]
Have a great week! :iconspinplz:
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beautifully done :hug:
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Awesome pic

Can you give us the exif data?

Maybe i'll try to take something like that
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thanks :)

Canon EOS 450D, Canon 10-22@10mm, F4, 30 Seconds, ISO 800, 61 shots.

let me see your results!
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also hast du diese 61 fotos übereinandergelegt oder wie entsteht sowas?
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I'll let you know

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Just make sure you do them the same way as the star trails are done, on a tripod with 2-4 seconds exposure only and many shots. I'm going to go try the freeway lights again taking 20 shots in series of the traffic. They are just so many new ideas I have now!
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Cool photo!

What program did you use to combine all 60 shots?
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Thank you! I was Googling my rear end off trying to find this LOL!
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I wanted to tell you that the program is freakin' amazing! I have been using it on all of my long exposure stuff. Here's an example of a photo I could get right until using the program: [link]

Thank you telling me about it!
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uh, thats freaky! how did you came to the idea to use it at a fairground? :)
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