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I know that a lot of you are curious to get more information about the abandoned places in my photos and I receive a lot of questions about them.
There is a reason that I don't give any though. I do love abandoned buildings, I see so much beauty in those places. Unfortunately, many people don't.
I do act very respectful inside those places, but there are too many idiots out there that don't behave like me.
I've seen so much vandalism, theft and other bad things happening to those buildings after they have become popular, that I will do all I can to protect those beauties.
Therefore, I don't give any infos about the location (not even the country) or history about them since every little piece of info makes it easier for people to find it.
I'll gladly help you with any info about all non-decay related shots, but there is no chance I tell anything about the decaying beauties. No exceptions.
Please respect that and don't post any info in the comments, they will be deleted without warning.
Thank you for understanding!
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Yeah, I get where you are coming from. I once found an old way station and told someone about it. Next I saw the thing it was pretty much destroyed by a combination of 'treasure hunters' and vandals. It made me incredibly mad because I had said something in the hopes that the local archaeological society would look into it.
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Danke für Deinen Hinweis;
Vandalismus und Graffiti hat‘s sogar schon bei den alten Hünengräbern
durch die Wickinger gegeben (hab‘ ich mal gelesen).

ich denke, das werde ich in Zukunft auch so handhaben.
Dank und Gruß,
der Horst
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Wow what a douche.
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These are all gorgeous captures.

Methinks its good to leave these
monument completely _alone_ and _let_ them decay.
The buildings are decaying
for good reasons. 
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GRT work Matthias
It saddens me that YOU?WE have been put in this position of secrecy.
However THANX for this post
<font><font>Sono d'accordo con la tua filosofia di comportamento e quindi non condivido lo stato di abbandono di tali stupendi edifici a causa di stupidi burocrati ignoranti. Bravo, splendide immagini</font></font>
You are totally right in keeping this info private out here where everyone can see. There are many who do not respect property and see no beauty in abandoned places. The ones you have photos of are extraordinarily gorgeous. It is a shame there isn't any restoration going on in some of them. It almost seems unthinkable that they are just left to crumble. Your gallery is just incredible.
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I see Your point, Sir, but wouldn't it be good to think how to protect such places and try to organize some help to not let them decay at all. We should preserve them for the next generations somehow I believe.

Do You have any idea how could all the dA society and Europeans help?

Those are just jewels, it is a pain to me seeing them in such condtion, however the decay adds such emotional and symbolical depth to the pictures.

kindest regards,
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While I appreciate your artistic taste, as a developer I've looked through a few of your photos and I really love some of these buildings. If they are actually real places, it's a shame you're not sharing information on them.

I've seen one or two that I've already fallen in love with and depending on all red tape and finances considered, I wouldnt have minded taking on one of these buildings as a future project.

If you truly loved these buildings you would aide in their restoration by helping people provide information about them that may help to their purchase, re-building and/or restoration for future generations. Not to HELP is one thing, but to actively delete comments that could aide in the preservation of these beautiful and historic buildings is truly a real shame, and without meaning to insult, I truly think you should reconsider your stance.

Just a thought.
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Honestly, it's not like most of the buildings can be saved with let's say just a few hundred thousand dollars.
The amount of people who are able and willing to spend this compared to the amount of people willing to steal everything left in there or vandalize the places tends to zero i'd say.
If anyone is able and seriously willing to fund a project like that, he or she is welcome to drop me a message and I will decide whether I can help or not.
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That certainly makes me feel a bit better. I really like a lot of your photos, there are many places locally around my area that could do with refurbishment. Barns, churches etc are surprisingly easier to fix up than you might at first suspect! It all depends on what the initial research and evaluation says. :)

I adored the building you photgraphed, the one you titled 'listening to the music of the wind'. Since you said it was "somewhere in Europe" I was hoping all of your work wasn't just in Germany, which I gather is valid. You've got a great talent and I'm much happier having heard more of your views on this now. :) thanks!
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Oh, alright. Now I understand! Yes, you are right,  many places get vandalized by disrespectful people/kids/etc. Well, I appreciate your concern for the places you visit and I'm glad that you take into consideration the preservation of these places. A lot of people don't think about the history and historical energy these places hold. Therefore, I am thankful that you have respect for these buildings/areas. I love abandoned places, they tell so many stories. And I hate to see them destroyed by irresponsible people who don't think about the history. So, thank you for being a preserver of history and the stories these places can tell. :hug:
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We agree. These places are sanctuaries of silence and beauty.
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Good for you for protecting these gorgeous and sad places.
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I respect that very much, because I feel for how it would be great to share the full story and history, you are sacrificing a lot- for a reason.

A lot of your subject structures could still be restored, another reason to protect them.

Another consideration you could list is danger, a lot of these places are unsafe in areas, and only someone experienced should try it.
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That's lovely what you do. I see a lot of beauty in those places as well, your pics are gorgeous :))
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I love your photos, as I share your love for abondoned/decaying buildings.
This journal made me watch you, because it shows your respect for this places .. and this makes me love the pictures even more
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Naja nur weil du hier auf deviantart die Location der Fotos angibst, werden die nicht gleich berühmt ^^. Du willst nur nicht, dass da noch andere Fotos machen gibs zu ;)
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Schön wär's, das geht leider so viel schneller als du dir vorstellen kannst...
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Glaub ich ned, bei uns hats genug so alte Schuppen und die interessieren nicht wirklich jemand.
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<3 i fully agree even though i would love to visit these locations, some People cannot see beauty when it is right in front of them :D
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