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I know that a lot of you are curious to get more information about the abandoned places in my photos and I receive a lot of questions about them.
There is a reason that I don't give any though. I do love abandoned buildings, I see so much beauty in those places. Unfortunately, many people don't.
I do act very respectful inside those places, but there are too many idiots out there that don't behave like me.
I've seen so much vandalism, theft and other bad things happening to those buildings after they have become popular, that I will do all I can to protect those beauties.
Therefore, I don't give any infos about the location (not even the country) or history about them since every little piece of info makes it easier for people to find it.
I'll gladly help you with any info about all non-decay related shots, but there is no chance I tell anything about the decaying beauties. No exceptions.
Please respect that and don't post any info in the comments, they will be deleted without warning.
Thank you for understanding!
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I completely agree with you. I would do the same - and I do the same about my founds.

Once I discovered an abandonned factory on a bike hike, very near from the road and from a busier industrial pole. The site was almost pristine on my first exploration, but when I came back with my camera a few days later, I noticed, while comparing with the first raw shots I had done with my mobile, that some objects had been displaced. A few weeks later, almost all the windows were broken, and everything inside ransacked. While browsing on GoogleMaps, I discovered that some stupid dude had marked the site with a public pin. "Urbex", the label said ... Then I thought to myself : when I find where this idiot lives, I will tag his home with an "Urbex" label likewise !