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High Quality Lens Abberations

:bulletred:Click download!:bulletred:

:star: This has been a huge project between me and Visual Concepts! I'm just so freaking happy it's all over.

30 SUPER HIGH DEFINITION full-color .PSD files of digitally produced lens flares and other aberrations:
:bulletblack:String bokeh in 3, 4, 5, 6, etc. up to 15 sided polygons
:bulletblack:String bokeh in circle
:bulletblack:Collapsed string bokeh in 6 sided polygon
:bulletblack:Collapsed string bokeh in circle
:bulletblack:Full lens 6 sided polygon bokeh (small)
:bulletblack:Full lens circle bokeh (small)
:bulletblack:Full lens 6 sided polygon bokeh (large)
:bulletblack:Full lens circle bokeh (large)
:bulletblack:"Blurry Iris" bokeh
:bulletblack:"Big Bang" simulation w. lens flare
:bulletblack:"Sun" simulation w. lens flare
:bulletblack:"Evening Sun" simulation w. lens flare
:bulletblack:"North Star" simulation w. lens flare
:bulletblack:"Glint" simulation
:bulletblack:Lens "Sparkle" simulation
:bulletblack:"Light Star" simulation
:bulletblack:"Streak" simulation
:bulletblack:"Thick Shine" simulation

This version is completely free for download and use. :bulletred: All I ask is that you simply comment this piece with a link to your work this was used in!

I would love to see where this project goes.

:bulletred:.:TO USE:.:bulletred:

All of these layers are created on a black background for ease of visibility.

Simply switch the blending mode of the flare layer to screen above the layer you wish the flare to be applied to!

.:Any Requests?:.

You can purchase a 60-piece version for only $10.00! Within this premium version may be the answer to your request, but just in case you can't find what you want, I will create the flare for you personally!

:bulletred:That's right, $10.00 for 30 more flare layers and a steady supply of personalized flares!:bulletred:

:bulletred:$15.00 for .PNGs and steady supply of personalized flare .PNGs

NOTE ME for details!

:new:Premium simulation flare example:

(Fog + Lighthouse simulations were used)


.:Any Questions?:.
Comment me!</u>

PLEASE do NOT redistribute these files claiming they are yours.

Also, if anybody finds somebody making this claim, please inform me and proper action will be executed!

.:LINK System:.
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These were specifically created for those of us who can't afford the recently produced flares by [LINK] No, these are too original. -VC(net)
© 2010 - 2021 matthewvogel1234
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Thank you very much for providing your brushes!

Used it here:

Wandering Imagination 1
no1intheworld's avatar
Used your stock here. Thank you so much. :)
Farewell My Beloved by no1intheworld
Amanda-Kulp's avatar
Used your stock here: Fae's Bottle by Amanda-Kulp

Thank you so much!!
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Used here. Thank you so much =D
Night of the Zombie Wolf by Mr-Ripley
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Used here: I Ching 38 - K'uei (Opposition) by annewipf   Thank you! :hug:
Euselia's avatar
Thank you! Queen of Universe by Euselia
Asterielly's avatar
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I used one of them here:…
Thank you!
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Used here: The Tower by annewipf   Thank you :hug:
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I love these, I used them on a few photos where there seemed to be light but just needed a lil extra flares. Love them Thanks:)
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gosh thank you! 
annewipf's avatar
Used here: Wild Autumn by annewipf Thank you! :hug:
annewipf's avatar
Used here: Winter Queen by annewipf Thank you! :hug:
no1intheworld's avatar
no1intheworld's avatar
annewipf's avatar
Used here: Tiger by annewipf Thank you! :hug:
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I used you stock here:

Thank you so much for sharing... :)
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I used your amazing stock here:…
Thank you!
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I've been looking for these kinds of brushes. Thank you so much. :iconahehplz:
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