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Just a thought after listing to my mother talk:

When I was in grade two "language skills" I would analyze why a character did what they did. I had no concerns for the syllabus because I didn't care to learn what all the words meant.

I couldn't spell, but I still don't care about that.

When I was even younger I was a rebel but never to be disruptive. If I didn't walk the straight line it was because I appreciated the pattern on the floor.
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HAHA. i appreciate patterns on the floor too, well I avoid stepping on the lines - but it annoys my parents :giggle:
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Next time it rains I want to run around outside! I hope it rains soon so I don't forget to.
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i do that all the time, like in the movies.
or if it's raining real hard i'll just stand outside and raise my arms like something's supposed to happen :XD:
but I never get to stay in the rain long enough without being dragged back in