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I swear a month or 2 ago I was dreaming about paying rent and splitting a studio space. Right know I'm ready to rent a big white industrial unit and begin manufacturing and collaborating on many different projects with various artists and designers. Underground design, blasting music and just working on what we love to do. I'm very excited.

The Sandbox Society is starting for real now. Sandbox Toys, or in this case the robot featured in my scrap work on D.A will be the first of these honest and hand made by me, high quality items. Each one will be made with love and integrity. The first products out the gate will be 150 limited addition, see through robot toys. Each robot will come with a note written to the purchaser and welcoming them to the Sandbox Society.

Now let me explain. I own and operate The Sandbox Society now. It is a production company built on dreams. Toys, comic books, video games, illustrations, jewelry, giant public sculptures, clothing, music and many other things will be taken on by this company. What makes this company different from the rest is it's all about the people and communities it's a part of. This company is all about quality, integrity and love.

Everything about this business will be honest from the materials we use to the symbols we sell. It's about spreading hope and love and well, that's where these robot toy comes in.

This robot represents love. It has no face and a bright heart symbolizing it's compassion to love. It only loves.

As the toys sell and as the giant sculpture robots are made the Sandbox Society will be spreading love though this positive symbol.

So, I'm about to take the next big step in this Sandbox Adventure by making these toys and working in this magical studio space day and night. I'm also looking for support. The website will be up and running soon so check it out when it's up then toys for sale and a mission clear; to spread love.

This company is about the good. The positive things this world benefits from.

Keep up to date, fallow the company and see how it grows. If you want to be a part of this from the beginning check out the robot here…

I'm now officially taking pee-orders.


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