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The European Beast Army - Ch 1 :iconmatthew-travelmaster:Matthew-Travelmaster 7 3
Worldwar 1975 Asia by Matthew-Travelmaster Worldwar 1975 Asia :iconmatthew-travelmaster:Matthew-Travelmaster 24 11
Worldwar 1975 Asia - Text
Worldwar - Change of the Balance - 1975
It is the year 1975, which marks the 32 year of the invasion of Earth by the species simply known as 'The Race'. The world since the invasion has changed vastly. New nations were formed, borders redrawn and new alliances formed.
Asia was one of the continents that saw huge shifts of populations, as the Race occupied vast parts of the continent in the USSR, Mongolia, the Arabian peninsula Iran and Afghanistan, but especially in China and India.
While many people say that the nation most likely to start another global war would be the Union Latinoamericana, there are some concerned military advisers that are more concerned with the hermit-empire of Japan.
Arab League - See African Map
The Union of the socialist soviet republics has changed considerably since the end of the last war, most notably was the loss of the Baltic nations, as well as some loss of territory to the Race in central Asia.
But it was not just in geographic means where the n
:iconmatthew-travelmaster:Matthew-Travelmaster 9 1
Worldwar 1975 Oceania by Matthew-Travelmaster Worldwar 1975 Oceania :iconmatthew-travelmaster:Matthew-Travelmaster 14 9 Worldwar 1975 Africa by Matthew-Travelmaster Worldwar 1975 Africa :iconmatthew-travelmaster:Matthew-Travelmaster 19 5 Worldwar 1975 South-America by Matthew-Travelmaster Worldwar 1975 South-America :iconmatthew-travelmaster:Matthew-Travelmaster 23 0 Martha Washington: An American Dream by Matthew-Travelmaster Martha Washington: An American Dream :iconmatthew-travelmaster:Matthew-Travelmaster 19 5 6-Commando - My own try by Matthew-Travelmaster 6-Commando - My own try :iconmatthew-travelmaster:Matthew-Travelmaster 28 10 Worldwar 1975 North-America by Matthew-Travelmaster Worldwar 1975 North-America :iconmatthew-travelmaster:Matthew-Travelmaster 18 3 Worldwar 1975 Europe by Matthew-Travelmaster Worldwar 1975 Europe :iconmatthew-travelmaster:Matthew-Travelmaster 95 16 Worldwar 1975  Global Situation of Earth (Tosev 3) by Matthew-Travelmaster Worldwar 1975 Global Situation of Earth (Tosev 3) :iconmatthew-travelmaster:Matthew-Travelmaster 43 4 Flag of the European Defensive League Version 2 by Matthew-Travelmaster Flag of the European Defensive League Version 2 :iconmatthew-travelmaster:Matthew-Travelmaster 35 2
The time traveller Chapter 4 - Fearing (Part 3)
Matt was lucky to find a parking spot at his favorite grocery story. He parked right at the side of the police-car that was standing there all day long. The shopping would distract him a little bit from the films he had just seen.
He got in the store just a few minutes before nobody would be allowed no to enter that day. He normally doesn't go to the store that late because many things are only available during the day, but sometimes they started to bring rare products into the salesroom although they should be sold the next day. He got a tip from a colleague that they would be selling something he had been longing for since the war.
While he rushed through store, only taking some items he thought he may need and he still had food stamps for, he was looking the pile of cans his colleague has told him about.
Then he found it right in the last corner of the shop.
Canned pineapples.
It was nearly impossible to get one in these days, since nearly all nations that produced them had stopped
:iconmatthew-travelmaster:Matthew-Travelmaster 1 2
The time traveller Chapter 4 - Fearing (Part 2)
"Man, come on, the pedal to your right is the accelerator!"
Matt pushed the horn, trying to get the attention of the cars in front of him, pressing the accelerator while having his gears in neutral position. But the only reaction of his car was a bleep of the computer, telling him to stop in order to safe energy. He was still not totally used to his new electric car.
Mat let himself fall back into his seat, angered that he could not express his anger with his car. That was one of the disadvantages of an electric car, you can barely hear it.
In the next moment he remembered all the sensible stuff in the rear part of his car and leaned back on the steering wheel, pressing the horn again.
"Damnit!" he yelled out, angry at himself for being so careless. He had paid nearly 25 000 € on bribes to a pharmacy, so they would get him several cartons of long-lasting antibiotics. They would be worth their weight in gold, that was for sure. Together with some other stuff he would probably n
:iconmatthew-travelmaster:Matthew-Travelmaster 1 1
The time traveller Chapter 4 - Fearing (Part 1)
The time traveler
Chapter 4:
Syrren yawned when the film ended and the small screen showed again the logo of the manufacturer. It was very early in the morning and the sun had not risen yet. The grass he was sitting in was slowly beginning to  get wet because of the dew.
The blue dragon felt really tired. But it had been worth the time. He had been up nearly all night and spent the time with watching a great number of documentaries about human history and society. But he also watched several feature films, like Vantage Point, the Dark Knight, Pearl Harbor and various other ones that night. In fact he had spent the last ten days most of his time with reading through databases and watching films.
He was absolutely fascinated by these films. Since he read the description of the films after watching them, he knew that most of the feature films were fictitious. According to the descriptions films were mostly for entertainment, but it was more than that. They showed human emotio
:iconmatthew-travelmaster:Matthew-Travelmaster 0 2
The time traveller Ch 3-Exploring + learning (P.3)
"Matt. Hey Matt, are you alright?!"
Who was talking to him? Matt couldn't tell whose voice it was, there was somehow a loud noise that nearly drowned the voice of the person that was talking. It sounded like.....Wind?
"Come on Matt, say something!"
Matt tried to focus his thoughts. What had happened? When he opened his eyes slowly and saw the clouds passing by just a few dozens meters below them, he remembered the incident that must have happened just a few minutes ago. He looked forward, seeing the dragon trying desperately to bend his neck in such a way so he could actually see Matt.
"Matt,....please answer me." The dragon's voice nearly cracked.
Matt reached his arms forward, grabbing Syrren's neck again and stroked it to calm the dragon down.
"I'm fine Syrren. Thanks for flying lower." Syrren was flying much slower than before so he had not to shout out that loud, but it was still difficult.
"I'm so sorry Matt. I should have known that humans are not able to survive at such a great
:iconmatthew-travelmaster:Matthew-Travelmaster 2 2


NMS: Cervine Protect by Wrenzephyr2 NMS: Cervine Protect :iconwrenzephyr2:Wrenzephyr2 297 15 Shattered Union: 2021 by YNot1989 Shattered Union: 2021 :iconynot1989:YNot1989 174 37 A Dragon Soldier's Band Salute! by BlueMario1016 A Dragon Soldier's Band Salute! :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 15 8 Dragon in knight-armor by BlueMario1016 Dragon in knight-armor :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 13 8 Squeak: Sora's Squirrel TF by FezMangaka Squeak: Sora's Squirrel TF :iconfezmangaka:FezMangaka 201 21 Hot summer in Spain - 8 of 8 by JoeltheSwedishDragon Hot summer in Spain - 8 of 8 :iconjoeltheswedishdragon:JoeltheSwedishDragon 61 77 Pokemorph collars by JoeltheSwedishDragon Pokemorph collars :iconjoeltheswedishdragon:JoeltheSwedishDragon 53 113 A$h Nidokin$ TF Final by picklejuice13 A$h Nidokin$ TF Final :iconpicklejuice13:picklejuice13 131 13 A$h F$ralgator TF Final by picklejuice13 A$h F$ralgator TF Final :iconpicklejuice13:picklejuice13 207 29 So, You Are Turning Into an Airplane by Virmir So, You Are Turning Into an Airplane :iconvirmir:Virmir 146 33 Shocked: Sora's Donkey TF by FezMangaka Shocked: Sora's Donkey TF :iconfezmangaka:FezMangaka 201 16 Lost Stars Cover by ScalerandiArt Lost Stars Cover :iconscalerandiart:ScalerandiArt 71 3 Pokemon Let's Go Ahead and Say You Had This Coming by CharleyEcho Pokemon Let's Go Ahead and Say You Had This Coming :iconcharleyecho:CharleyEcho 321 75 Pokemon GO-ing to Have to Get Used to This by CharleyEcho Pokemon GO-ing to Have to Get Used to This :iconcharleyecho:CharleyEcho 301 36 Pokemon GO-ing to be stuck like this for a while by CharleyEcho Pokemon GO-ing to be stuck like this for a while :iconcharleyecho:CharleyEcho 283 20 TG/TF Eevee Pokemorph by CharleyEcho TG/TF Eevee Pokemorph :iconcharleyecho:CharleyEcho 384 36



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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Hello everybody from around the world, nice to see you.

I just want to put in a few words, so that this website is not just a blank page of nothingness.

So where to start.

Well, I am just a guy from Austria that loves to look at maps and draw / paint maps from here to there and make a background story to it too. But I am also a writer of stories, mostly furry-based, or at least containing some sorth of anthro creatures. But what I have written is mostly posted on my FA account, so not much posted here, for now at least. Who knows, I might change that in the future.

But I gess that is it for now, this website may be updated in the future again (Date of creation of this description 20th of January 20018).



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