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Matthew Shiverick
Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
United States
Art by iqbalfast3d [11.3.2018]

Hello, this is RetronMTB, former real name; Matthew Shiverick (you can call me "Matt" for short). I'm a 16 year old person who has autism, and likes to make HTF, BFB related stuff, and other silly drawings. I used to be a YTP Tenniser, but I retired that. Now I make sparta remixes, animations, irl vidoes, shitposts, well, you get the idea.

So yeah, watch me for da funy\ shit.

Discord: RetronMTB#4080
Facebook: Matth Cinimay (yeah thats a really dumb name cause i don't wanna use my real one)


Floof and Felix
special gift for BirdLemon 
all credit goes to their respective owners
characters by him
i own nothing
dat fricken dirty poosy
evil kima is a dirty boy. period.
all credit goes to their respective owners.
character by ahmadkniam (idk his actual DA)
i own nothing
just wanna remind you all that i plan to be more active on facebook and instagram. don't worry. i'll still favorite stuff once in a while here.

been on yt and other social media for almost 7 years 
remind me what that type of drawing method is called, where you draw a layout and red then re-draw it in black or use the line tool. what kind of method is that? i've done it before, but i don't know what its specifically called.
to some of my newer watchers, i don't recommend going through some of my old stuff from 2016-2017. most of it is bad.
"dinosaur cat" yeah thats a really dumb way to describe Hurley. i'll just call him a normal chimereon from now on
My very first kittydog OC. Not only she's very soft, breaking the soft-ness scale out of all of my furry OCs, but she's also a master chef. She loves to bake cupcakes for everyone. Her favorite flavor is vanilla and strawberry.
All credit goes to their respective owners.
Species by kittydogcrystal 
I own nothing.
Hello everyone. I've been thinking about doing this and this could probably work. As you may know, Dhimani's Space Adventures is slow on production right now, because I've been having trouble working on the game. Mostly, because I'm not very good at making graphics, and trying to get the HUD to work. I made it work last time, and now it doesn't, but I'm still gonna try to fix it, if I can, otherwise I'll have to start the project over again for like the 3rd or 4th time. But anyways, I'm looking for new graphic designers to help out with the game.

Now some of you might be wondering, what is Dhimani's Space Adventures. Its an NES game I am working on based on my character, Dhimani. I'm using this really neat program called NESMaker, which allows you to create your own actual cartridge based, hardware playable games for the Nintendo Entertainment System. This software was just released last month.

Now heres the plot of the game; Dhimani travels to space to help the poor number and letter aliens (idea from one BFB Theory, saying that Four and X are aliens) being attacked by robots.

Now then, here are a couple of aspects to understand and follow about making new graphics for this game.

1. You must have NESMaker downloaded and activated on your computer. You can download NESMaker here, off of The New 8-bit Heroes website: Once you download it, it will ask you for an activation code. I recommend buying it.
2. I will only be accepting 1-2 graphic designers who are really good at making 8-bit graphics that will be able to fit with the NES graphic limitations. If you don't have NESMaker, that's ok, there's a second option to this.

If you have anymore questions and all or need requirements, please contact me via Hangouts, Discord or Facebook Messenger
Discord: RetronMTB#4080
FB: Matth Cinimay

You will receive a zip file containing everything you need to get started in working on the graphics, like reference sheets, color pattles, and what size it has to be, must equal to the graphic limitations of the NES. But don't expect them right away, I need time to make them. It also might contain some Zelda sprites to get ideas, since you know, according to Joe, one of the creators of NESMaker, made an adventure module that kinda acted like Zelda, and well yeah.

If you still have questions, feel free to contact me or leave a comment down below. And that is all for now.    
Happy early Halloween
yeah...i think im a bit too early. oh well.
all credit goes to their respective owners.
new random doodles in junior year
im a junior now yay. now have some more silly doodles i did at school
all credit goes to their respective owners
i swear to god if i hear someone make a 9/11 joke im done

Normally I don't post journals ranting about specific popular youtubers, but this is my first time, and I'm not going to do stuff like this often. I might talk about other stuff that people hate the most and reasons why. So...SuperMarioLogan...according to some people and some of my friends, I can definitely tell that this channel has gone very downfall. Well for one reason, Logan makes too many Jeffy videos. I find Jeffy the most annoying character in the series. And the fanbase goes crazy over these kinds of videos. Its like the GoAnimate community with the whole "disrespecting opinions" excuse. Another reason why I despise SML is because Logan is always greedy for money. (sorry for pointing out that vibe Daniel. :/) Well, not like greedy greedy, but more like getting his video getting demonetized or age-restricted. He pretty much sometimes takes down the video and reuploads it over and over again. How can a 20 year old get over millions of dollars in a year just for making a video about a puppet who has a really bad disability. By far the most dumbest thing I have ever seen. Sure I like puppet shows, but I would not go for Jeffy or all the other puppet characters in the series. If you want to watch a puppet show, I highly recommend Oobi at Work. Sure, its shitty and old, but hey, at least its better than SML.

Have I ever mention that Logan makes scams at the end of his videos. A person would have to put a funny comment to win a video game. I call bullshit on that one. And I thought the indian tech support scammers were stupid, but this right here put them to shame. He even doesn't provide what video game it is and who to receive it to. Its also like one of those cheap gift card scams.

Speaking of money, Logan made a video on Chilly's channel complaining about the problems he's having with his video getting demonetized, putting non-skippable ads, and so on. This just prooves that Logan is doing this for money. Ok, so maybe I was right about Logan being a greedy sonofabitch. Whats even worse is that his fans aren't realizing that Logan is using them for money. 

Honestly, I feel bad for some of my remixer friends and others out there. They don't realize that they're blinded and braindead. They don't even realize that they are being used for money.

You know what, just stay away from SuperMarioLogan, don't make a YTP out of it, don't make a sparta remix out of it, and most importantly...don't watch it. This channel doesn't deserve to exist. So annoying. And not worth watching.

Well, thats about it. So what do you guys think about SML? Is it worth watching or not?
Paint Tool Sai Test
decided to try out a new paint software. don't worry, i'll go back to using
all credit goes to their respective owners


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well, in all honesty, i haven't really been active on DA until I made a comeback in 2017, and i feel like i missed out all of the fun back then. i feel like i'm behind everyone else. ;_;

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Lolman got exposed as a pedophile by the raiding crew. This all happened on discord and I really don't know much about this situation. But what I do know is that some of his friends went behind his back after they found out about it. I've known Lolman for a very long time (longer than Cyan/Knightatnights/VinsPawz Animations, sorry if I've mentioned about him, he's another best friend of mine who wasn't part of this) and I don't think he's a pedophile.
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They don't even have any fucking evidence about it lmao
All they do for people who are suspicious is have them give their discord IDs in risk of them being randomly friended by people, and shit on people who call out on their bullshit
The "evidence" in the DMs are literally random gossip and oral tradition, and nothing that actually SUPPORTS the fuckery
For all I know the image in that "LULMUN EXPUSD!!!111 LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL" was actually a different one taken out of context, and they literally fucking violated his privacy by taking some of his shit and showing it off
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If only they should just do away with this whole raiding crew bullshit altogether. Like, they need to stop raiding and spread lies altogether.
I've known them since Ottomagic got unfairly raided by Logomax and this WAIDING CWEW, in like, last year. Fuck the raiding crew. period.
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